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 Bringing Down The House

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Sōichirō Xsalice


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PostSubject: Bringing Down The House   Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:15 am


Growth has come to be a continuous topic of interest in Xsalice's mind ever since he first arrived in Donzokogakure. Whether it be the growth of his body, the growth of his abilities, or the growth of his mind, at some point in everyday did he set a part some time to reflect on himself.  As he sat on the rooftop with his legs and feet dangling over the edge and his head downward, his mind decided now was the time to reflect. ". . . Have I proven to the village elders that I am loyal enough to be a citizen? . . . Am I still a danger to others safety? . . . Am I reaching my full potential here? . . ." The sound of approaching footsteps awoke Xsalice from his reflection, at the moment his mission was all that should be on his mind. Today's mission involved precision demolition and who better than Xsalice would it have been assigned to?

"Mr. Sōichirō, I presume?" A middle aged man with a yellow hard hat on his head and an orange vest with reflective tape stood at the base of the house, this was Xsalice's employer, Mr. Rorochi. Xsalice pushed off from the roof top and moments later landing on the ground with a soft thud, he walked over to the man who was presumed to be his employer. "Yes sir, Sōichirō Xsalice reporting in." He gave a twirl of his right hand before giving a bow to which Mr. Rorochi gave a nod. "Good good. Now as for the job . . ." As Mr. Rorochi began explaining what was needed of him, Xsalice began envisioning when and where he would begin his work. There were six(6) points that held up the two story building, two on the second story and three on the first. The job was simple, level the building without harming the environment. Two other buildings would later need to receive Xsalice's special form of attention, but at the moment they would have to wait.

A long and eerie creaking noise came from the door as Xsalice pushed it open, he fell back out of shock as two black cats came racing out of the door. Mr. Rorochi erupted in laughter as he grabbed Xsalice by the shoulder and lifted him up. "This isn't going to be too much for you is it son?" Xsalice gave a half smile before turning back to the door way, abandoned buildings were fine with him, but cats were just out of his comfort zone. The two walked in and Mr. Rorochi immediately pointed out the first pillar that Xsalice needed to take care of. After a few flashy hand signs Xsalice began stroking the pillar with his right index finger, the infamous Sōichirō seal appeared in a ghostly grey color. He would end up doing the same for the other two pillars on the first story. "Alrighty then. Now for the second story. Why don't you lead the way Mr. Sōichirō "

Xsalice nodded and began his way up the stairway, each step was met by long eerie creaking coming from the floor boards. Suddenly, the floorboard gave in as Mr. Rorochi had taken a step. Xsalice wheeled around in enough time to grasp Mr. Rorochi as he began falling to the basement. "Easy now easy! You've got to watch your step in these old places" Xsalice spoke and lifted Mr. Rorochi back up at the same time, Mr. Rorochi got off of the stairway in a hurried pace. Xsalice stayed back to investigate the awful odor that began to seep up from the hole in the stairway. His nose was held shut by his right hand as he looked down into the basement, a mixture of brown and green liquids stood about a foot deep all throughout the basement. "You can see why we are trying to get the place taken down."

The two began the journey of setting Xsalice's seals upon the upstairs pillars. The first seal was placed on a doorway to a bathroom, loads of light was being let in through a hole in the roof. The second one was placed on a corner of a room that seemed to have sheltered a set of triplets, Xsalice guessed as much from the three adjacent cribs. The last one was placed at the top of the stairway as Xsalice and Mr. Rorochi began to make their exit. "Well Xsalice I can't thank you enough!" Xsalice stopped and placed his arm out, catching Mr. Rorochi before he made the same mistake as before. "Don't thank me yet. That comes once the building is down." Mr. Rorochi grew red in the face, but led the rest of the way out. Xsalice stood in the doorway for a minute as his mind calculated an appropriate distance for himself and Mr. Rorochi to stand and watch the building fall. "This way please"

Once clear of the explosions radius Xsalice formed the unique Sōichirō seal. Instantaneously, a series of five blasts went off originating from the up stairs bathroom and snaking it's way down to the first pillar. The building imploded and came down in the very spot from where it had just stood, no damage was done to the surrounding buildings or to the environment. "You know what Mr. Sōichirō you've done a mighty fine job. If your shinobi career doesn't work out you've definitely got a job as a demolitionist!" Xsalice laughed lightly before grinning up at his employer. "Thank you sir, now let's go take care of the rest of these buildings!".

For the rest of the afternoon Mr. Rorochi and Xsalice continued putting up his seals and demolishing buildings. Their safety was put before getting the job done when taking down the other buildings, thus the time that the first building was taken down was significantly longer than the time it took to take down the other two. After the actual mission was taken care of Xsalice parted ways with Mr. Rorochi, if his career didn't work out as a  Shinobi Xsalice was definitely glad he could search out an old friend for work.

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Bringing Down The House
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