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 Souryu Laxus

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Souryu Laxus


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PostSubject: Souryu Laxus   Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:31 pm

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Souryu Laxus

Resistance is Futile

basic information
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Blood Type: O-
Village: Donzogakure no Sato
Village Rank: ANBU Captain
Skill Rank: A

physical information

Shown in my avatar, along with one of ABOVE pictures, Laxus has both a golden cloak and a brown fur jacket. He wears the golden cloak when in the need to hide his identity, much like the ANBU Guards. As for the brown fur jacket, Laxus wears this during battle, to show that no mercy comes with his fights. He expresses the fur on his jacket as a victim of his might, to show a fearsome image. The final image you can notice are the headphones that Laxus wears. He wears these headphones to channel lightning chakra into, able to listen to outside music privately.

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Perfectly proportioned in all areas

personality information
Laxus is often silent. He will talk, but only when spoken to by another. He will never talk freely except in urgent situations and/or when he feels he has to in any manner. Examples were highly demonstrated when he grew up as a student. As he was expected only to train until he became an official shinobi, he had no history of speaking during these times, for there was never any need to. This is Laxus' primary trait.

Aside from being silent, Laxus has low tolerance. If anyone annoys him, he will firstly give a warning. If they continue, Laxus will physically punish them to teach them a lesson. However, Laxus will never harm anyone to such extents as breaking bones, hitting people in vital points, or even killing them. He will only do so if threatened for his life. Generally, with Laxus' behavior, there is no "Third time's the charm."

Aside from being silent and not-so tolerant, Laxus is very friendly and cooperative. To those he loves, those he considers family, and to those he considers family; Laxus cares for, and treats them to his utmost respect. He enjoys seeing smiles on other people's faces, and likes to keep others satisfied. These are his morals that he lives by, and will continue to live by until the moment he dies. He wishes to live life to the fullest, and die knowing he made a good difference in this dog-eat-dog world, no matter what be the case.

These are but the most noticeable traits that Laxus contains. Laxus' goal is simple: to have peace reign over darkness. He wishes to fight 'till the end, allowing his comrades to keep on living. He lives for salvation, and wishes to keep things in order. He wishes to keep things balanced, and so no troubles so come between both sides. As long as this occurs, Laxus will be satisfied.  

    Sexuality: Straight

    • Satisfaction
    • Silence
    • Happiness


    • Nuisances
    • Chaos
    • Destruction

combat information
Clan: Souryu
Ninja Specialization:

    Main: Ninjutsu
    Sub: Taijutsu

Elemental Specialization:

    Main: Raiton (Lightning)
    Sub: Katon (Fire)


    - Laxus has mastered the Lightning that flows within his body, and so his reactivity to things have increased by 30%
    - Also due to the mastery with the Lightning that flows within his body, Laxus can move 30% faster than that of an average A-Rank shinobi.
    - By mastering the ability to blend Fire with Lightning, Laxus has also granted himself a strength in which his physical strength increases by 30%, the mixture between Fire and Lightning accelerating his physical movements.


    - A natural aspect known to the Souryu clan. Despite his bulk appearance, with his great enhancements, any ordinary damage can cause an interference. With this being said, an average strike by a jutsu will cause 30% more damage to Laxus than that of an average A-Rank shinobi.
    - With his overdrive in Speed, Laxus can eventually comes to points when he will be unable to sustain himself in battle. This normally occurs 30% faster than that of an average A-Ranked shinobi.
    - A rare case. Laxus' clan contains an ability that requires great control over his Main Elemental Affinity, Lightning. With this being said, just like Health, Elemental Weaknesses of Lightning will cause 30% more damage to Laxus than average cases to those of any rank.

Fighting Style: N/A


Simple Equipment:

  • 20 Kunai
  • 20 Explosive Tags
  • 10 Mini-Shuriken
  • 2 Katana
  • 4 Weapon Pouches
  • 2 Sword Sheaths
  • 5 Paper Bombs
  • 2 Chakra Suppressors  




historical information
Born on the outskirts of Donzogakure no Sato, Laxus can remember being raised in a temple. Within this temple lived the Souryu clan. During these times, they were known as the masters of Raiton techniques, although legendary Lightning Releases were unknown to them. Instead, as a toddler, Laxus was injected with a sacred Lightning Release by his grandmaster. The name of this grandmaster has yet to be revealed to Laxus, although it is because of him that Laxus now controls what are known to be the Sacred Lightning Arts. With this injection, Laxus had to be carefully treated with average, normal-day activities. He was always supported by Medical Nin while living with his family, ensuring that his injection was in complete order, and that nothing would go wrong. As a toddler, Laxus can remember seeing his family slowly disappearing. They disappeared like flashes of light, never to be seen again. Maybe these were the costs of granting him these arts. After witnessing the absence of his last family member, Medical Nin took him into a nearby hospital, his Sacred Lightning Arts now completely set.

During his days as a toddler, Laxus always lacked the mindset to realize that sacrificial jutsu was required to lead him up to this point. However, at the age of 7, having been treated by doctors in a hospital for 4 years (being placed into a hospital at 3 years of age), Laxus was able to abandon the hospital, yet was instructed to enter the closest village, Donzogakure. During these times, Laxus didn't know how to speak for himself. If one could say "He couldn't say but answer", Laxus would fit this quote. It was hardly understandable, but these were the results of Laxus' past. He never communicated with anyone, and rather lived his life solely to cooperate with how other shinobi lived, tracing how exactly they lived their lives. As an Academy Student, due to personal issues, Laxus felt as though he just needed to perfect the courses given to him, and complete these tasks as soon as possible. It was all a mess; everything. Laxus even had to learn the language everyone spoke, and, while in the Academy, had to memorize images to do his work correctly. Literally every minute of his life, Laxus' lifestyle now belonged to work. Thankfully, this was worthwhile as Laxus seemed to perfect every test to his liking, although emotionally, he still felt like he was getting nothing done.

Heading towards his Genin exams, Laxus became eager as to learn how shinobi communicate with each other. His mindset was only able to keep up with work, and so Laxus needed to endure more lessons to learn so. This is when he was introduced to jutsu. Taking his Genin exam, Laxus was introduced to his first Specialization: Ninjutsu. He was given three jutsu to master in a single period of time, and use greatly: Body Replacement Technique, Clone Technique, Transformation Technique. Laxus performed these techniques quickly. In fact, he performed them so quickly, that shinobi thought his reflexes came from an already mastered Lightning affinity.

Laxus was called down to the Kage Chambers as he had to explain everything, for the Donkage hardly knew anything about him. "Souryu...Laxus." Was all Laxus spoke as the first name seemed to strike the Donkage's mind. It was not even Laxus that told himself about the Souryu clan, but rather the Donkage. Having learned everything about the Souryu clan, Laxus became more confident with the world, and began to speak, but on rare occasions. He only spoke when he had to, trying to meet his clan's requirements as he trained Lightning to his fullest extent. This was all he learned. He took Lightning to unbelievable extents before the presence of the Donkage revealed itself again. With this, Laxus began learning the Sacred Lightning Arts.

While learning the Sacred Lightning Arts, pain continuously struck Laxus' core. Manipulating lightning to suit their limits of power were difficult to handle, and so Laxus often felt aftereffects of lightning erupting in his chakra system. It was agonizing, yet the Donkage motivated him to overcome it. After a few days, the Donkage let him be, and so he trained at a faster pace. He was able to completely master two Sacred Lightning Arts before being alarmed of the Chunin exams. He decided to wave them off until he would turn twelve years of age, for he was only nine when he was starting to learn these arts. Albeit, he wasn't getting any farther with these Sacred Lightning Arts, and so he had to start learning some basic Ninjutsu. Laxus began to learn Ninjutsu that came out of books. During their time, they were proven to be weak. However, during this era, they proved to be strong. To broaden his horizons with chakra, and increase his reserves, Laxus trained these basic Ninjutsu constantly. It was from this point that he not only knew two Sacred Lightning Arts (and the three starter Ninjutsu), but advanced Basic Ninjutsu, as well.

Three years of training past as Laxus finally decided to take the Chunin exams. During these times, Laxus learned to fully grasp his Lightning Arts by going through intense scenarios. For example, there came a point in which many Chunin applicants had to go through a forest, something traditional from generation-to-generation. Inside this forest could lie any sort of opponent, even a Shirotori member. Laxus experienced many of these people and used his only two Sacred Lightning Arts to eliminate them. However, due to the intense circumstances he was in, Laxus seemed to be more concentrated, and so he can remember finding it easier to learn these arts during situations like this. It became so easy, in fact, that Laxus decided to make this his new training method. He learned his third Sacred Lightning Art during a rescue portion of the Chunin exam when he would have to save a lost Genin. He used it primarily to eliminate obstacles at high speeds, and evacuate the area at a quick pace.

Once he became a Chunin, Laxus became more serious. He used his training method to learn Sacred Lightning Arts by fighting many fellow shinobi off at once. He was an arrogant guy back then, but it was worthwhile. He learned four more Lightning Arts by fighting the series of enemies with his great manipulation of Lightning. However, this is when he met his ultimate drawback: Recharge. People wondered why these extremely powerful techniques were only rated on decent levels, and not S-SS Ranked. With Recharge, Laxus is only capable of using three Sacred Lightning Arts before having to use another jutsu called "Recharge." With this, he can reset the amount of Sacred Lightning Arts that he is allowed to perform, but has to use it again once that duration meets its end. People tried to take advantage of him for this purpose, trying to wear him out once they figured out that he was limited to his technique. Albeit, Laxus learned new healing methods; one of which can actually cancel out the drawback required after using Sacred Lightning Arts. He continued to use the same training method until all Lightning Arts known to humankind were learned.

Time flew by as, at the age of 17, Laxus was now a Jonin. These times were simple. All Laxus would have to do is completely master all of the Lightning Arts he learned. These were his most silent times. As a Jonin, he often rested in the outskirts to master his jutsu. Even his basic techniques were mastered as Laxus' new goal became to constantly rank himself up and give himself more strengths. He was invited to see the Kage once more, only to inform him of the good news. He was then asked to speak to the former ANBU Captain about joining the ANBU Black Ops of Donzogakure. With this, Laxus applied via a spar and lost. However, with his great use of such powerful jutsu, he still passed. He became an ANBU member, having to hide his identity under a blank white mask with a splattered black design, no eye holes visible.

During his times in the ANBU Black-Ops, Laxus felt as though he needed to have another spar with the Captain. His life was now meant to hold still before the Donkage and do as he asked. It was also his job to guard the Kage at all costs, not a lot of freedom remaining in Laxus' life. Not only this, but his identity was hidden, and so shinobi were always informed that Laxus was on some journey while he was really with the Donkage. Laxus figured this to be a test so he could further develop his skills in secrecy. However, all he was proving was loyalty; something he had committed to ever since his times as an Academy Student. Further mastering his powers, Laxus always hated his job. He had patrolling duties as well, and so he couldn't even get much sleep during the night. Instead, he would have to take several walks around the village, ensuring not an inch of ground was taken over by some mischievous group of shinobi. It was rather ridiculous in Laxus' mind. In fact, it came to a case where Laxus decided to confront the Donkage, and reveal his true feelings.

Laxus explained that after seven years, he was going to fight the ANBU Captain once more, no matter what anyone else says. He is gonna win, and earn the title, for in seven years, the ANBU Captain will be forced to pass on his position anyways. He could remember the Donkage smiling, nodding his head in faith that Laxus would succeed, and so he would work hard at earning this title. For these seven years, Laxus kept on training all of his Sacred Lightning Arts, along with all of the additional jutsu needed to have these arts. He also remembered keeping watch of absolutely everything that both the Donkage and ANBU Captain did, scoping out their weaknesses. It wasn't long before these seven years past, Laxus being his current age.

"Blessing of the Lightning God!" Laxus could remember shouting at the ANBU Captain during their second and final spar, these words startling the ANBU Captain, "With this...the fight is over." This was the first time Laxus felt completely at ease with a spar, and it was against a great rival. In accordance to his Lightning Arts, unlike last time, he could control them remotely, and so he would begin causing "havoc" before his opponent. He could remember constantly running the ANBU Captain into corners before standing before him. "It's over." Laxus declared, smiling. As this was a great time of need, this was one of the very rare times where Laxus felt he could speak freely. With his incredible control over his Sacred Lightning Arts, not only had he defeated the ANBU Captain, but he had been invited to meet the Donkage for the third time. Apparently, Laxus had become an equivalent of his grandmaster, meaning that he had mastered all of the Lightning Arts to his level, and was now prepared to make his own. The former ANBU Captain was repositioned after that day as Laxus took his position, as promised.

Today, he fights for his village proudly, taking on one of the most important ranks in the nation, and serving his people well. As ANBU Captain, he no longer has to wear that mask as frequently as he used to. He will continue fighting 'till the end, increasing his powers beyond their limits until he reaches a rare level in his clan, a Lightning Art that surpasses even the Sacred Lightning Arts. Albeit, not much can be said about his current position, for it is only getting started...

miscellaneous information
Face Claim: Fairy Tail - Laxus Dreyar as Souryu Laxus
Other Characters:

  • Tadashi Kira
  • Uchiha Saio

Password: Green Beast

  • ---

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Souryu Laxus
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