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Site Plot/Background
Naruto Storm RPG
The site's RPing takes place a few hundreds years after the war in the Naruto canon. During these many years the aggravations of the minor lands and nations have been accumulated. They've finally begun to try every method possible to overtake the Five Great Nations. During the war with the Juubi; they had little to no participation even though the world was at stake and that was the greatest insult to the minor nations possible. Thus, with great efforts they've almost become as powerful as the Five Great Nations. Constantly, they try to invade the Five Great Nations with thousands of different identities the Five Great Nations can't differentiate. Nowadays, the Five Great Nations are still the supremely powerful shinobi villages besides their frightening encounters with the minor nations constantly. During the hundreds of years there have been some direct confrontations between the minor nations and the villages. Many Kage have even been slain by the minor lands. The control of the bijuu and the control of many weapons and resources have been in the possession of the minor lands as well. Some wars have been so gigantic that the minor lands have even taken some of the scrolls the Five Great Nations possess and they've even taken some of the Seven Swordsmen Swords sometimes; although they don't possess them currently. More so than the Five Great Nations; you can find tons of secrets in the minor lands. They have every secret available and they'll eternally want more. Their power has been so great that they've even sought to recreate the Juubi at some points in time and have completely destroyed the relations between the Five Great Nations as it's every man for themselves.

Starting Guide
Open/Closed Ranks
Character Improvement
Basic RP Rules
Starting items, powers, XP.
Word Counts & XP
Mission Rewards & Currency
Organizations for use & Village Destruction

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Naruto Storm
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Village Leader Ranks
Sokage : Closed
Suikage : Closed
Keukage: Closed
Donkage: Closed
Shirotori: Closed

Language 3: Objectionable and mature language is permitted.
Sexual content 3: Sexual content may be described in detail.
Violence 3: Extreme violence is permitted
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