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 Deadman Wonderland Rpg

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PostSubject: Deadman Wonderland Rpg   Deadman Wonderland Rpg EmptyTue Sep 04, 2012 3:26 am

Deadman Wonderland : The RPG


Many years, long gone after the grand earthquake incident in Tokyo, Japan. Years after the first sighting of a 'Deadman' have long passed. After the supposed ending of the infamous Deadman Wonderland brand new sightings have rised up to the occasion. A new facility has rised, this time runned by the goverment itself as a way to make Japan a wealthier place making this the most entertaining 'sport' for those outside of the prison, while hell for those inside it. The murderous place aswell as the lives of the inmates are now broadcasted all over the world, making their life harder than what it is already. The goverment allowing the viewers to choose who fights who aswell as to deciding who should have the 'honors' to be locked inside the prison. Whatever the inmates speak about, or even do can infact affect them or help them in their struggle for survival. Because the need of order was indeed in need to keep Deadmen in their toes, not so new security were brought out and these were called 'Forgeries' containing and ability called Snake to go against Deadmen when the time was needed. These at times are put up against Deadmen to make a show in the Carnival Corpse event. To go along with them there are Undertakers, which hold a special talisman that neutralizes any Deadmen ability within reach, making this the most effective security guards in all time. Some fight for their lives, while some fear for theirs and decide to hide in special places where the Deadmen can communicate without being watched. Will you fear for your life? Or stand up to yourself and fight for your freedom?

DWLRPG's Goals and Offerings to the Members

° To provide a welcoming and warm journey to those who join our forums and become part of our family.

° Keep all members active by offering new events for them to participate on.

° A polite and proffesional list of staff members ready to help you at any time.

° A complete set of rules and systems aswell as the expectation of the staff for you to follow them.

° A current forum-wide plot so that members have the right to control most of the events that will be presented on the future Carnival Corpse festival.

° The priviledge of making your own custom Branch of Sin for you to use.

° A cannon free forum, meaning NO cannons allowed.

° The choice of making a character on whichever race you feel most comfortable on.

° Lastly a good nice looking forum which give out a slight eerie environment.[u]
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Deadman Wonderland Rpg
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