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 Veto System

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PostSubject: Veto System   Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:55 am


Does your character not work with the number of jutsu allotted to new characters? Do you need something absolutely approved so that you can have the storyline or impact in a particular plot for yourself and others? Perhaps you need a character that is younger than the age minimum. Maybe you want a higher rank then you currently are or want a rank up. You can ask for nearly anything here within reason stupid requests wont be taken serious. You can also ask here for postion to be added to the site. In some certain cases you can ask for a banned jutsu to be unbanned to be used but this will be rare.

This is also where you must post if you would like your character to go ROGUE, SWITCH VILLAGES, or GAIN A KEKKEI GENKAI (including implants) Well, this is the place to post your wishes, and where staff will hear you out.


  • Please do not argue with any staff decisions. Also be respectful. This goes as well for staff.

  • In making a request serious think about it before you do and if you deserve it or not or if you are ready for it. Also for requests it okay to make a request but not all the time so you will be watched on how many request you make if you abuse this system you will be banned from posting in it.

  • Staff may or may not give a reasoning behind their decisions. It is at their discretion. Even if they do not, understand that the decision is final. Staff will do their best to be fair.

  • Make sure that you post your request on the character account of which you are going to apply for this with.

  • You may not make any requests prior to having 30 cumulative rp posts, of which must be on the same character. Your rping "skills" and site activity will weigh heavily upon our decision. Remember if you have done certain stuff IC this may help as well for a request. If you are wanting something for a wip app or an added position you dont need the 30 rp posts.

  • All requests need 3 approvals Isao or Atreyu have to give the final approval for the request, staff can also deny a request as well, if one staff member denies a request you can still ask another mod/admin to look except Isao or Atreyu there approval must be the final one if they deny it on the final approval your request is denied, simple as that.

Copy the code below into a new topic for the qust make sure it is fill out in all sections and indetail this will help when it comes to an approval or not.

[b]OC Name:[/b] What name you go by.
[b]Character:[/b] What character are you making this request for? Hyperlink to application if already approved, or include link to WIP if you have begun working on it.
[b]Request:[/b] What are you requesting for this character?
[b]Reason:[/b] Why should staff approve your request? How does it effect your plot, and how does it effect the plot of others. Why is it important?
[b]IC Links;[/b] If you have any links that you have done and completed IC to help prove/help you to gain your request post them here, if you are requesting a added postion etc this isn't needed.

[b]Characters:[/b] What are your other characters?


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Veto System
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