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 Ryo system and mission pay

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PostSubject: Ryo system and mission pay   Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:10 pm

Gaining Ryo

The first basic way of getting points is by posting; you will get 5 Ryo everytime you post and 8 when you create a topic. This will mean that you will be able to get 50 Ryo with just 10 posts,simple right? This way only works by posting in Roleplay areas.

The second way is by doing missions; there are no real fixed amounts of Ryo you can get but i will post the averages of what might be expected here; the amount of Ryo is chosen by the Kage that gives you the mission.

D Rank ~ 200 - 500 Ryo
C Rank ~ 600 - 850 Ryo
B Rank ~ 1000 - 1500 Ryo
A Rank ~ 1750 - 2500 Ryo
S Rank ~ 3000 - 4000 Ryo

Using Ryo


When you want to create or purchase some jutsu you need to know before hand how much it will cost you;

D Rank ~ 500 Ryo ~ 500 words
C Rank ~ 1000 Ryo ~ 850 words
B Rank ~ 2000 Ryo ~ 1200 words
A Rank ~ 4000 Ryo ~ 1500 words
S Rank ~ 6000 Ryo ~ 1800 words

To successfully get a new jutsu, you need first to post in Jutsu area the jutsu you want to learn next a member of staff will check the jutsu for it to be approved (Two approvals needed) after it is approved you can then purchace the jutsu you posted with the correct amount of ryu above next after purchancing a member of staff will deduct the ryu from your total then you can then train the new jutsu you have just purchaced with the word count listed above, then after that is done your train then much be approved then you can use the new jutsu in rp.

Now there will be limits for starting weapons. The rest needs to be purchased;

C-Rank Ninja > 1 Custom Weapon
B-Rank Ninja > 2 Custom Weapons
A-Rank Ninja > 3 Custom Weapons
S-Rank Ninja > 4 Custom Weapons

C-Rank Ninja > 5 Puppets
B-Rank Ninja > 10 Puppets
A-Rank Ninja > 15 Puppets
S-Rank Ninja > 20 Puppets

D Rank ~ 300 Ryo
C Rank ~ 600 Ryo
B Rank ~ 900 Ryo
A Rank ~ 1200 Ryo
S Rank ~ 1500 Ryo

Weekly Payment

Genin and Chunin Ninja will receive ryo from missions by their kages. They may receive missions that range from D to B rank, depending on their skill.

Each village has 10 NPC to start with, They can help Fight other intruders when the village is under attacked.

5000 to buy a NPC


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Ryo system and mission pay
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