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 Suikage Alohi Izioka

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Alohi Izioka

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Age : 23
Village : Umigakure
Rank : Suikage

Ninja Info
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PostSubject: Suikage Alohi Izioka   Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:49 am

❊ Izioka, Alohi ❊

"Practice makes perfect, but nobody’s perfect, so why practice?"

Personal Information

AGE: 33
VILLAGE: Umigakure no sato
    VILLAGE RANK:Suikage
    SKILL RANK: Kage


Appearance Information

Height: 5’10
Weight: 178lbs
Hair color: Blue
Eye Color: Grayish/Blue
Looks Image:
Looks Description: Alohi wears a dark blue jacket that looks almost equivalent to the color of black. Underneath the jacket he wears a white button up shirt that from the color his dark blue but as the color stretches down to the rest of the shirt it gradually turns white. The button up shirt, for some odd reason, is only buttoned in one spot and it’s the middle area between the torso and abdomen regions. Underneath that shirt he wears a faded midnight blue/cobalt blue T-Shirt. He wears black gloves that hug his fingers to wear it looks like he just has super dark hands. His hear is spiky/messy and his various colors of dark blue, midnight blue, steel blue, and turquoise. His pants are black as well as his shoes, and he wears the Umigakure insignia (headband) around his left leg right above the kneecap. Although it is suppose to be a secret, he has the Umigakure symbol tattooed on his tongue, in honor of his village.

Personalily Information

Personality Description: Alohi is a cool, and moreover controlled type of person. He really chooses how to adapt to certain situations depending on what the situation is. That being said, he doesn’t exactly have a set “personality” because it changes to adapt to his environment. Which in his case is both good and bad? If that makes any sense whats so ever. Good because he can pull off the ultimate poker face in seconds flat, bad because, well let us just say that he is forgetful and irresponsible sometimes, but I guess it’s his forgetfulness and his irresponsible persona which has formed him to become a natural born leader.
  • Fish,

    [♠]Drought/Arid Areas

Catch Phrases:”Ayyee”
Nindo: "Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save."

Weapons And Items
Name: Kohaku
Type: Sealing Jar
Rank: S rank
Special Abilities: It has the ability to seal just about anything. Currently the villages 8 tailed Kraken is sealed within the jar, and will not be released unless the situation demands it.
Origin: This weapon comes from the Sage of Six Paths, and Alohi stumbled upon it when he was off on one of his journeys away from the village.
Clan Information

~Naruto Lands Of Shinobi~
Tell me something about your clan.
~Clan Application~

Clan Name:~
Bloodline Name: ~
Bloodline Ability:~
Location: ~
Clan History: ~

Jutsu Information
Jutsu Specialist: Genjutsu
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Kenjutsu
Bloodline: ~
Element Affinity: Water
Sub Element Affinity: Water
Sub Element Affinity: Lightning
Advanced Element: Acid
Special Characteristics:
*Large Chakra Pool- Can perform jutsu’s for longer periods of time than other ninja
*High Stamina- Can last longer in fights than most ninja
*Intelligence- His intelligence his 34% higher than most
*Speed Increase- When raining, he gets a 35% speed boost
*Dead Reaction- He can never, and won’t ever be able to make the first move in a battle because of how late he always seems to be.
*Dehydration-When in places that lack water such as fields, deserts, mountains, and forests his speed drops by 15%
Jutsu Template:

Academy techniques don't count to overall amount of techniques, meaning they are free.

Academy Jutsu

Suiton Jutsu’s

*Rank S

*Rank A


*Rank B

Raiton Jutsu’s

*Rank S

*Rank A

*Rank E


Canon Genjutsu’s

Custom Genjutsu’s

Acid Jutsu

Rank S

Rank A

History and RP Sample

((Be warned this history is in 1st person)

//The Love of a father
Not too long ago, I was the son of a man of great proportions. A man who practically ruled the water of the sea, the blue honey of the world, The Suikage. It was hard being the son of a man so great because he was either to busy to spend time with his son, or I will always become the idol of attention and become indirectly famous. At the time I did think it was nice, having a father respected by his people, and being the son of such a great man, I never thought that someone like me would ever make it that far. My dream was just making through the ninja academy, and if I felt like it then I might have even considered aiming for the rank of chuunin. I never thought of myself to ever be something all high and mighty. Everyone else did, so why didn’t I?

Just because my father is some holy saint who protects the village from every single threat that comes its way, doesn’t mean I should be responsible for filling if shoes should the day come he passes. I don’t want to see my dad go, and I don’t want to be the one to take his place, but I am afraid I have no choice.

My name is Alohi Izioka, my friends call me Allie though, so does everyone else including my father. I graduated the ninja academy at the age of 6, and became a genin at the age of 8. I thought I would be done from there but no. A fire burned deep inside me and before I knew it I was more than just some other genin of Umigakure, I wasn’t only just the son of Akia Izioka, Suikage of Umigakure, I was a born legend, I knew I would have to take my father’s place, I wouldn’t want him to pass in vein, and I would want to disgrace my family name, I have a rep to uphold and I wouldn’t want anyone to put us down for nothing.

When the chuunin exams came around I managed to pass the first three challenges with no sweat thanks to my teammates Yunue and Ikaro and with the great teaching skills of our teacher Gaou Sensei. They all taught me that no matter what happens, things might not always go your way even if you want them to go a completely different way, you have to learn how to adapt to everything whether you like it or not. When you learn to adapt then you will learn how to live life to its full extent whether than praying for the day to be over or just doing things to get by. It is you who has to take that extra step and push forward rather than have someone hold your hand.

Those words stuck with me and soon I managed to push forward. I pushed my hardest into the belly of the beast. I didn’t want to let anyone down and before I could fully understand what I was actually doing for not only my friends or my dad, but for myself, I became a chuunin. Something I thought would never happen actually happened.

The moment my dad found out he threw a gigantic village party for not only myself, even though I was the host, but for everyone else who became chuunin as well. Just to think though, If I didn’t become a chuunin this party wouldn’t be happening. Almost all of my friends became chuunin and the ones that did were at the party. Being pampered isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be, but hey somebody has to enjoy it, might as well be me.

//Justice of Will
As the days go by and as I age, my father does the same. Pretty soon he has to resign from his position as Suikage which means that I am next in line. I didn’t know how I should feel about it. It was all too much; I was just satisfied with being a chuunin.

I became a chuunin when I was 12, and several, lazy years after that I became a jounin when I was 22. My father at the time is 68 and he is nearly ready to retire. I don’t blame him. An old bag of bones isn’t suit to protect a full village. I knew the day would come for me to take his place, I just didn’t think he would have to get so old for me to realize that I would have to be the leader of all these people. I hate being put in positions of authority, cause of I screw up, I have so many disappointed eyes to face, and I don’t want that pressure. I don’t want any pressure, with pressure comes confusion and with confusion comes disappointment, that’s just how I’ve been seeing it for years and I don’t think my perception of life will ever change. Not even the slightest thing will change my mind, and I hate to say it, but whether I like it or not, I better get used to people calling me Suikage-sama. Lord Allie that has a nice ring to it.
Several years in the final days of my dad’s resignation, I feel a rather unpleasant rumble in my stomach, I would have half thought I was hungry but no it was something else. Was I afraid? This was the first time I have ever faced something head one, something that was handed to me that I pushed away. I was sitting in front of my father and the village elders as they talked and discussed things about me on whether I was the one to lead the village to safety, on whether I was cut out for the job. Village Elder Isa Suito was telling my father on what her opinion on me was, she was saying things like , “Your son has excelled through many things in life without a scratch on that pretty little face of his, do you think he will know what to do when that face does get scratched for the first time in his life?” and then my dad gave his typical response of, “This is my son and I know for a fact that he won’t let this village down, HIS village down, he loves this village more than I do and although it doesn’t seem like it, he has a burning passion for the lives of this village more than God himself,” Those words dug deep in my heart and I literally almost wanted to cry, but I didn’t, I just kept to myself and waited for the meeting to be over.

Several hours into the long debate my father and some of the other elders told me to wait outside so they could finally discuss their final verdict alone. I didn’t disobey their orders, simply because my ass was hurting after 4 hours of sitting down on this coral carved seat. I walked outside and looked up at the water. The only thing between me and it was a large dome That was covered in the chakra of my father, and that chakra would soon be passed down to me. Am I ready for that much power?

//The Verdict
Several years after that day the elders met with my father It was time for them to tell me what they had discussed. The explained every little detail of their conversation and soon my dad walked out from his office to the elder meeting. He was holding his hat and his robe and handed them both to me. I was now 34 at the time and didn’t know a lot about authority and what not but apparently they thought I had what it took to look after the village.

Once I put on the outfit of the Suikage my dad told me to put my hands out in front of me and his hands began to glow a bluish green chakra. He places his palms on the back of my hands and I quickly felt his chakra rush through me and mix with my own. The feeling at first was unbearable but after thirty seconds of fidgeting I finally managed to get a hold of myself and soon I was finally the one to lead and rule the village. I was finally the go to man, I was finally Lord Allie, the Villages Hidden in the Seas, Suikage.

After everything’s that’s happened so far, I actually wonder if I am cut out for this job, My dad is old and I would hate to disappoint him before he passes. Looks like I got to fight for the both of us now, just hope I got what it takes.

RP Sample

The day was getting old as the sunlight peered through the blue honey of the see. Lord Allie walked onto the coral steps of his luxurious abode and off into the people of the village. After a long day of filing and writing his signature one paper after paper he owed it to himself to have a nice long walk, not only for himself but for his dad. He hasn’t been out in ages and it was time for him to pay his old man a visit before the day was over. The fish outside of the dome were just as graceful as the birds in the sky as they swiftly swam around as if they were playing with one another. It was surely a lovely day.

Everything seemed more peaceful than it usually was, and it was good to enjoy the day while it lasted. Maybe things were getting better for everyone.

Other details
Role Player NameAlohI Izioka
Password Admin Checked

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Hideyoshi Senju

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PostSubject: Re: Suikage Alohi Izioka   Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:43 am

Approve 1/2 unless something was missed
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Alohi Izioka

Posts : 38
Age : 23
Village : Umigakure
Rank : Suikage

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PostSubject: Re: Suikage Alohi Izioka   Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:39 pm

I fixed what you added and added on to my looks and persona and the jutsu you asked me to llook at. However Naoko said that the Jar was alright to have, she actually recommended that Ihave it. Also I am alright with being considered a traitor lol its not like imma be using the jutsu on a day to day basis. Other than that however I seem to be done.
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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: Suikage Alohi Izioka   Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:40 pm

The sealing pot is fine.

You will need to add two more flaws so you have 4 and they have to be combat related. Also your strengths max is 30 percent for any stat.

You may only have large chakra pools when:

You are in a clan that specifies it
You are a non special release character
You do not own another character with a large chakra pool
A Jinchuuriki

You have large chakra pool I see these are the rules for chakra pool and you meet none of the requirements.

Suiton Release: Total Body Liquefying Technique [Suiton: Ekika Zenshin no Jutsu]
Effect: The user turns every physical thing about themselves to liquid.
Description: Alohi turns his whole entire body into a liquid form. Once in this form he can practically control all things liquid simply by submerging himself into the liquid. He can create himself to be much larger than he already is, and/or take the form and shape of whatever he puts his mind to, from the size of a small mouse to the size of a very large whale. Basically this jutsu allows the user to shape shift if submerged in an appropriate amount of liquid. This jutsu stays permanent but the user cannot use any of his other jutsu’s while in this form.
Range: N/A
Rank: S
Water/Suiton Ninjutsu, Rank: S

This is a no the abilitys of the jutsu is that of the Hozuki Clan.


" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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Alohi Izioka

Posts : 38
Age : 23
Village : Umigakure
Rank : Suikage

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PostSubject: Re: Suikage Alohi Izioka   Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:16 am

Okay i fixed what u asked
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message
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PostSubject: Re: Suikage Alohi Izioka   

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Suikage Alohi Izioka
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