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 Sarutobi, Yusuke

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PostSubject: Sarutobi, Yusuke   Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:22 am

❊ Sarutobi, Yusuke❊

"Really why do I bother."

Personal Information


Lazy Genius

This title had been given to Yusuke by his teachers in the academy. Yusuke hardly attended class or was sleeping in class but he still was able to be at the top of his graduation class.
AGE: 17
VILLAGE: Donzokogakure no Sato
    VILLAGE RANK: Chuunin

Appearance Information

WEIGHT: 210 pounds
LOOKS IMAGE: Looks above
Yusuke has a black ink tattoo on his right shoulder that means leopard it was given to him by one of the Sarutobi elders shortly after his mother gifted him with the two leopard cubs. The tattoo itself does nothing but when used with the summoning jutsu Yusuke can summon either of his leopard companions if he needed them.

ζʹ— Written Description:
Yusuke has inherited his mother's features not look anything like the traditional Sarutobi male with dark brown hair and facial hair. Yusuke looks young in appearance with short silver hair and light green eyes. Yusuke tends to wear baggy black cargo pants with a long sleeve white shirt with the NARA symbol on the back in black. Over his white shirt is a sleeveless black hoodie with the SARUTOBI symbol printed on the back in white. For shoes he wears simple ninja sandals and his Konoha headband is normally strapped to his right upper arm or handing of one of his pant belt straps. Yusuke also wears several necklaces and bracelets most of which of no jutsu or personal important.

Also Yusuke tends to pull his hair back in a small ponytail and clip his bangs out of his face when he is studying. He also owns reading glasses which he also only puts on when he is studying.

Personality Information


It has always been seen as one of his strongest traits but not with his village. Yusuke has shown his extreme loyalty when it came to his closest of friends. Yusuke does have loyalty to the village but his loyalty for his friends is much higher.


This train has never been shown off much because of how lazy this man is but he does have it. Once Yusuke has found something he loves he does it full on with all his heart. And some say he is a compassionate also in a relationship but it has just been a rumor since their hasn't been much of anyone in Yusuke's life in romantic way.


Yusuke is not one to just give up on things. Yusuke has strong determination to finish what he had started or to finish up his work. This determination does die quiet often when it comes to paper work since he dislikes it so much.


Not many people thing he is much of a leader because he is hardly around to be one but he does have the trait to become a great leader. Yusuke has been a great clan leader since his father died maybe not as great as his father but he is still a great leader for being only 18.


Yusuke has shown to be a very smart young man. Being able to basically read anything and understand it is amazing on its own but he is able to create battle plans to thinking several moves before his own opponent. Yusuke is both intelligent in the way of knowledge most in the subjects of ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu and a few other random topics, but Yusuke can study up on something for a few days and basically understand the basics of that idea or topic.


From a young age Yusuke had shown how lazy he has been. Yusuke hardly spends a day with out a nap and he tends to sleep at least 12 to 14 hours a day with only 8 hours of sleep at night, the rest comes from naps through out the day. His laziness has given him a very bad rep with several high ranking members of the village because he had missed out on meets he was suppose to go to because he was napping.

Not very Social

Yusuke has never been a social butterfly and prefers to keep large amounts of space between himself and others. Yusuke prefers to be on his own than on a team because it less things to worry amount an few things to analyze in battle.

Somewhat Cold

After the war had ended Yusuke had kept some of his old battle self. This Yusuke fought with the attend of killing and that's it. He was a cold blooded killer with no care of what happened afterwards. Yusuke has kept this slightly in himself but it doesn't show often unless he has been pushed into a corner and is forced to fight in his old brutal manner.

Holds onto negative emotions

After the death of his father Yusuke has started to blame himself for his death saying he should have known about it and done something about it. Because of this Yusuke has started to blame himself for many other things and has started to hold grudges for long periods of time.


Yusuke has never been seen with a either a girlfriend or even a boyfriend. Yusuke has a few people who would love to go out with him but Yusuke has never been caught my anyone or no one has caught his eyes. Yusuke has been uncaught and brought into a relationship which ends up showing Yusuke is also a virgin if he has never been in an intimate relationship with anyone. Yusuke will probably die as one if he doesn't find someone who is willing to spend the time to catch him and tie him down or if someone is interesting enough to catch Yusuke's eye.
ζʹ— Smoking
ζʹ— Play Shogi
ζʹ— Cooking
ζʹ— Napping
ζʹ— Lightening Storms
ζʹ— Paper Work
ζʹ— People messing with his food
ζʹ— Stupid People
ζʹ— Loud People

CATCH PHRASE(S): " Do I really have to?"
NINDO: To get better in my own way.

Equipment Information

ζʹ— Paint Brush; x 1
ζʹ— Ink bottle; x 10
ζʹ— Blank Tag; x 20
ζʹ— Shuriken; x 20
ζʹ— Kunai; x 5
ζʹ— Packet Cigarettes; x 2
ζʹ— Lighter; x 1
ζʹ— Ninja Wire; x 30m
ζʹ— Smoke Bombs ; x 7
ζʹ— Explosive Tags; x 10

Clan Information

CLAN NAME: Sarutobi Clan

Combat Information

    Main: Ninjutsu
    Sub: Fuuninjutsu

    Main: Fire
    Sub: Water

ζʹ— High Reaction Time;
Since Yusuke is training himself to be able to master the Flying Thunder God he had to highent his reaction time to everything around him. Yusuke is able to see an attack coming and think of either a counter attack, block or a dodge. The ability isn't at its highest point yet but with more training Yusuke will be able to react quickly enough to save his skin in a deadly battle.

FLAWS/WEAKNESSES: Not a good chakra control.

Jutsu Information

Academy Jutsu:

fire jutsu:

History Information

On February 20th, 20 years ago the first heir of the Sarutobi clan was born. This child was named Sarutobi Yusuke. With hair of the color of silver and eyes as green as emeralds this boy would be the child that would lead the clan through thick and thin. Yusuke Sarutobi would be an only child for two years before his younger brother Yahiko would be born. Yahiko had more of a Sarutobi look than his older brother with dark hair and dark eyes. Yusuke looked more like his mother in appearance which was why he had been favored by his father so often.

Then Yusuke joined the academy to become a shinobi like his father. But Yusuke even before he even started studing ninjutsu at age 5 was always extremely lazy with his studies. When school came around Yusuke hardly attended or when he did attend he was fast asleep. Most of his teachers thought he was a drop out or a failure of the Sarutobi clan but Yusuke proven them young showing them what his really potential was. Yusuke was a pure genius being able to read the most complicated scrolls and understand the information with ease and ninjutsu came to him just as easily.

As the years went on Yusuke would be at the top of his class with his attendance being the very last on the class list. But as his 8th birthday came and past his second brother Keigo would be born also looked like a traditional Sarutobi. After Keigo was born it was shown even more that his father favorites him more than his younger brother. Yusuke did love his younger brothers so he would avoid his father as much as possible knowing what the outcome would be if he were to come face to face with his father. Yusuke didn’t like the idea of being treated as the best or the greatest son just because of his intelligence and his looks that were highly similar to his mothers.

Yusuke kept to his lazy nature avoiding missions but when he wasn’t sleeping or lazing around or playing shogi he was out training. Yusuke would spend up to 5 hours a day training and 15 hours sleeping while the last 4 hours were for shogi and eating. Yusuke’s training régime was well known within the village just because of its strange hours. Yusuke would train for five hours straight at any time of the day, early morning, mid-day, late afternoon or in the middle of the night. Yusuke always devoted 5 hours of training every day.

As the years went on Yusuke kept training and skipped out on every chuunin exam that popped up more or less because of his own laziness not to want to sign up but as well as him believing he wasn’t strong enough. But once he turned 17 he participated in the chuunin exams that year. Yusuke of course past the exams with ease and was promoted to chuunin but the exams themselves were not important to Yusuke over all. During his trip to the exams he met a young man like himself from suna. This young man’s name was Oshiro Riku. The two for some strange reason became very good friends during the exams and created a strong bond in that short period of time. When they had to part Yusuke promised him he would write to him. Yusuke being who he is wrote to Riku.

Shortly after his promotion to chuunin his father passed away. Yusuke’s father had fallen deadly ill 4 years prior to his participation in the exams and 7 months before he left to the exams his father gave him a scroll telling him he had to learn the jutsu inside and master it and be able to teach others the jutsu as well.

Once his father’s funeral came and went Yusuke was given the title as Sarutobi Head and was known as the youngest head to have ever lived. Yusuke had trouble the first year as a leader trying to balance out training, clan duties and his pen pal relationship with Riku. As months went by Yusuke eventually mastered everything and started to become more active as a person. But overall Yusuke was still pretty lazy with his amazing skills to avoid paper work and not get in huge trouble with his mother.

Miscellaneous Information

Amaya still had the book that she had taken from Miro not that long ago as it contained stuff that was not suitable for there eyes at the end of the days they are still children and reading that material is not suitable. What was worse they seemed now to be forming some type of team to get the book back from Amaya, it didn't help that miro was egging Chi on meaning that she was putting stuff in her mind to make them go after the book. Chi then would saying that she was not a genin, before he agreed to work as a temp team with miro to get the orange book back.

Chi then come rushing through the air as if some wind had pushed her all the way over to where Amaya was standing as the force behind her knocked her over, as the two bodies of both Amaya and chi was now together something that some people would find strange, considering there age difference. Both Amaya and chi's body was so slick togehter because of the hot springs would slide together like ice between the two as Amaya big bust would rub on chi's as they fought for the book on the ground still through it all it was still in Amaya's grasp as she finally had enough of the playing around as she just using her natural stronger frame been an adult she got up doing so jumping back so there was a small distance between the two and activated some hand signs so that her naked body would start to turn a black color as her skin became very hard as her body from head to toe was now black and nearly as hard as diamond. Amaya then spoke Attacking a lady is not the best way to go about getting this book back from me and been that I am an elder as well doesn't do good either so last chance leave the room and go back to your duties or be punished. Amaya then stood there watching the both of them in case they moved. Amaya prepared another 5 hand signs as well just in case. Fighting naked on an after noon wasn't something she was in the mood to do, but she had to protect these young girls eyes.

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Sarutobi, Yusuke
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