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 James "Vox" Fulton

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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: James "Vox" Fulton   Mon May 06, 2013 1:00 am

❊ James Fulton ❊

"I'm getting too old for this."

Personal Information

AGE: 103
BLOOD TYPE: Unclassifiable. Incompatible with human blood types.
VILLAGE: Kemurigakure
    VILLAGE RANK:Head Jounin

EXTRAS: Has a tattoo of a sword and shield on his right arm.

Appearance Information

HEIGHT: 6'1"
LOOKS IMAGE: See above.
LOOKS DESCRIPTION: A tallish, somewhat oddly-proportioned man apparently in his mid thirties. He's well-muscled and lean-limbed, but his torso seems thicker than it should be in proportion to the rest of him. Still in the same lean shape, it's just that his ribcage seems too big for the rest of him. His brown hair is kept short and relatively neat, and he makes sure to stay as clean-shaven as possible. His eyes are brown, and seem to have a tired look to them most of the time.

His attire is usually simple and casual. Grey shirt and brown pants, chosen more for their comfort and ease of movement than for their appearance. Boots are preferred, unless the job calls for quieter footwear. And over it all, an old, well-worn brown trenchcoat. It's clearly been repaired many times, but Vox refuses to replace it. Under it, there's a faded old tattoo of a sword an shield on his right shoulder.

Personality Information

PERSONALITY INFORMATION: Vox has had some trouble, but he's in better condition now. He's still being treated for PTSD, although he's been deemed fit for active service. Therapy and medication keep his past in the past, and he's been able to stay entirely sober almost 10 years now. In his current state, his tactical experience and leadership skills can shine through. He generally keeps pretty cheerful, though will get very quiet if asked about the old days. The wars aren't a time he likes to remember. If he's ever forced to go cold turkey on his medication, he may be at risk of a violent snapback.

Most importantly, he keeps a sharp divide between his personal life and his work. On his days off, he's quick with a joke, and generally pretty calm and relaxed. While he works, he's almost a different person. As soon as the fighting starts he shuts down emotionally. His face is like an unmoving mask, and he gets that old thousand-yard stare. The friendly, gentle joker everyone knows is replaced by an unfeeling machine. When the danger passes, he eases back into his normal persona, but will remain on edge for a while.
LIKES: good cigarettes, BBQ, rookies who are willing to learn, sleeping without dreaming, and when a plan comes together.
DISLIKES: laugh tracks, alcohol, reminiscing, unexpected loud noises, being called old, and know-nothing know-it-alls.
CATCH PHRASE(S): "Are you done?"
NINDO: Lives are on the line. Complete your mission, no matter what.

Equipment Information

NAME: Romulus & Remus
TYPE: Bladed
SPECIAL ABILITY: Made of an incredibly resilient titanium alloy, a kind not made in the Shinobi Nations. Difficult to damage, but all but impossible for any craftsman here to repair if that happens.
ORIGIN: Made for him during his work with The Order, back in his homeland.

NAME: Regulation Combat Knife
TYPE: Bladed
SPECIAL ABILITY: Non-reflective finish for use on stealth missions. Made of the same alloy as The Twins.
ORIGIN: Part of his standard gear as an Order assassin, similar design to the one he used in his military days.

NAME: Ballistic Knife
TYPE: Bladed/Projectile
SPECIAL ABILITY: A small combat knife with a pin-and-button arrangement on the handle. Made of the same alloy as The Twins. If the pin is pulled, the button can be pressed to activate a spring-loaded launcher, shooting the blade up to 10 meters.
ORIGIN: Part of his standard assassin kit back in The Order.

Clan Information

CLAN NAME: Gen-Aug Hunter Class

Combat Information

    Main: Taijutsu
    Sub: Kenjutsu


Acclimatization: After years of experience, Vox has become accustomed to pain. He can resist torture, and keep fighting after injuries that would send most people into shock.

Demolitions expert: Vox has spent a lot of time fighting on his own with limited resources. With the right supplies, he can brew up makeshift explosives. These are less compact than ninja tags, but pack a similar punch and require no chakra, allowing him to use them and making them less noticeable to the usual methods of detection.

Spirit Null: Vox is completely incapable of using chakra. His reserves are vanishingly small, and his brain simply isn't wired to access what little he has. He can never learn jutsu of any kind, and is incapable of dealing with genjutsu on his own.

PTSD: Due to the traumatic events in his past, Vox is currently being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He needs regular medication to keep it under control, and can flare up into hallucinations, flashbacks, and even fits of violence if taken off his medication. Even with his medication, he's still prone to paranoia and occasional snapbacks. Things that remind him of the events that caused his condition can cause him to momentarily forget himself and think he's back on the battlefield. His trauma also makes him more vulnerable to substance abuse. Because of this, he refuses to touch alcohol and never leaves the house without a pack of cigarettes.

Jutsu Information

Academy Jutsu:

Genetic Traits:

Gen-Aug CQC:



History Information

James Fulton was born in a rural area without much in the way of a medical system. He was the youngest of three boys, children of parents who had fought in the latest of his region's many wars. It wasn't until his mid-teens that it was discovered that he was a natural Gen-Aug, someone born with serious genetic alterations due to side effects of nearby military tests. In a routine checkup, his doctor discovered what he thought was a heart murmur and sent him to a specialist to have it checked out. They instead discovered that he had two hearts, and a number of other things that didn't belong. Within days, the military was there, offering him a chance at adventure. Like a schmuck, he took their offer.

This turned out to be a mistake on a lot of levels. Firstly was the fact that military life wasn't the fantastic adventure that had been advertised to him. The training was brutal, the discipline was strict, and the missions were more danger and desperation than adventure and glory. And on top of all this stress, he was just starting to figure out his sexuality in a time and place when being a gay soldier meant a possible court martial. Under all this pressure, Fulton withdrew more and more from social life, focusing on his work. His superiors appreciated the efficiency and ignored the potential warning signs, deciding that he was ready for a career in special ops. The transfer was a mixed blessing, on the one hand giving him more freedom while on the other giving him riskier work.

As technology marched onward, Vox started to see some of the perks of his position, and the risks. Near the end of his time in the formal military, he was called in for what he was told were routine shots Instead, they were gene therapy. After several weeks of splitting headaches, he was finally told what had happened. He had been augmented, given weak psychokinetic abilities to enhance his stealth skills.That sealed things for Fulton. As soon as the current conflict was over, he submitted his resignation. He knew the military was practically above the law, and figured a private company might have more oversight. Despite his decades of experience, Fulton was still naive.

He joined a private outfit called The Order, one that was known for employing Gen-Augs like him. Things quickly went from bad to worse. The Order was just as corrupt as the system he had left, blatantly violating the law and bribing the authorities to look the other way. What set them apart was their lack of official immunity. As long as The Order employed you, they would pay good money to make sure none of their illegal activities were pinned on you. Anyone who left lost that protection and was immediately arrested and imprisoned on a wide array of charges, while the company kept its nose clean. Fulton wanted a way out, but there didn't seem to be one until the mother of all coincidences gave him a chance. The Order's power depended on their Assassins, especially the upper tier like Vox. It started with one who had wanted to retire making a bid to escape by tearing through the Order's power base. Upon hearing of this, another assassin with a history of mental instability decided to make his own escape. Fulton couldn't pass up that chance. He joined in the escape attempt, but knew he wouldn't be able to just get away from the Order like that. As long as he was alive, they'd be able to get to him. But if he was assumed dead, that wouldn't be a problem. Vox faked his own death in battle, then used the chaos and confusion of that night to slip away and leave the country.

Vox found a new home in the Shinobi Nations. With nothing more than a suitcase of clothes and a few sharp implements, he set out to find a spot to settle down. After a bit of wandering and research, he offered his services to Kemurigakure. He needed a village to watch his back in case his old friends came for him. But about three years after he had left, he heard some news that floored him. Nobody from home would come for him. In fact, there wasn't a home left. After endless wars and continuous escalation, his homeland had finally torn itself apart. One last frantic exchange had left the whole place an irradiated wasteland, unfit for humans for years to come. Another three years have passed since then, and the shock still hasn't quite worn off. He's done well for himself, rising to the rank of head jounin, but he still isn't quite all right.

Miscellaneous Information

In the shattered remains of a concrete pillar, something began to stir. The coast was clear now, Vox was sure of it. He slowly hauled himself to his feet. Dusting himself off, he started pulling out the bits of smashed body armor that had kept him alive on his trip through the architecture.


Vox froze. He hadn't thought there were any security systems down here. He'd arranged this fight to be away from prying eyes. Scanning the room, he spied a familiar shape on the wall. Who the hell placed demolition charges down here? Why? Vox had no time to ponder. Had to disable the charges. No visible timer, who knew when they were going to go off? Luckily these were stable, should be easy to disarm. He approached the bomb, reaching into his pocket and- Wonderful. Of course his tools would have been wrecked in the fight. Looking them over, he could see they were entirely useless. Well, time for Plan B. Throwing aside the broken tools and muttering a few curses, Vox made a mad dash for the exit.

Might not be time to go through the tunnels, better take the surface access. Vox's pupils dilated, and the smashed toolkit almost seemed to freeze in the air. His movement was like a blur, streaking towards the exit and leaving a trail of cracked tile from his footfalls. The metal of the ladder bent as he climbed it, not meant for the sudden impacts of a panicking GA. Below him, Vox could see the room fill with an orange light as the charge started to detonate. With one last desperate push, Fulton threw himself over the lip of the access shaft and ran for cover. Time resumed its normal slow pace, and Fulton sat down to catch his breath, watching the smoke rising from the tunnel he had been in hardly a second before.
FACE CLAIM Fist of the North Star - Kenshiro as James Fulton
PASSWORD -Admin Checked-


Approved Missions:
D: 2
C: 3
B: 1
A: 0
S: 0

Rank-up points: 13

How Not to Write a Novel wrote:
Some writers are convinced that since great modern authors like Joyce and Faulkner are difficult to understand, writing that is difficult to understand is therefore great writing. This is a form of magical thinking, analogous to the belief that the warrior who dons the pelt of a lion thereby acquires its strength and cunning.
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James Vox Fulton


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PostSubject: Re: James "Vox" Fulton   Wed May 08, 2013 4:13 am

Hira here. Will be using this account for this chap.
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PostSubject: Re: James "Vox" Fulton   Wed May 08, 2013 10:46 pm

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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: James "Vox" Fulton   Wed May 08, 2013 10:52 pm



" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: James "Vox" Fulton   Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:08 pm

Trained Jutsu

Name: Maguma: (魔熊, Demon Bear)
Rank: "B"
Skill: Kenjutsu
Effect: A simple downward pound into the opponent with both swords.
Special: ---
Drawback: ---
Description: A simple double stab downwards into the opponent with both swords capable of running through the opponent as well as creating a crater if the user jumps up into the air first beforehand. Depending on the user's Class level depends on the strength of the attack.
Genin - Creates a 5 meter crater
Chuunin - Creates a 10 meter crater
Special Jonin/ Jonin - Creates a 20 meter crater
Sanin a 35 meter crater


" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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PostSubject: Re: James "Vox" Fulton   

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James "Vox" Fulton
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