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 Lies Are The Truth RPG

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Alohi Izioka
Alohi Izioka

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PostSubject: Lies Are The Truth RPG   Wed May 08, 2013 6:55 pm

Lies Are The Truth


The year is 2145 and a lot has changed since the last nuclear explosion which pretty much wiped out half the face of the earth. The environment changed as well as the people in it. Every now and then some upbeat momma’s boy would try to reconstruct the government we once had, thinking it would be a better fit if someone was in power instead of letting us all have the freedom we rightfully deserved.
Remember when I said that the environment changed as well as the people in it? Well when the explosion happened, from then till now, our society grew more and more advanced to the point when the turn of the century happened we had renamed the world Galding, and the super continent formed with it known has Lorciavana.
Lorciavana is split up into three different regions. The North Region, the Central Region, and the Southern Region. Each region is populated with a handful of people ad they have their own systems of how they feel as if things should work. That was until one day a man known by the name of David Padilla astonished a whole crowd of people with an ability of his no other person had; or so that’s what people thought. The ability killed nearly fifteen people and himself. The day that happened which was March 21st of 2123, people began to grow weary and recognized that not everyone they knew were regular people, some of them…were different.
Several months after the DP Massacre, another case of a girl named Emily Foster was found gliding through the air as if she was a jet plane. Certain people where amazed by this new breed of humans and others were just plain disgusted, that is when an organization was formed known as the Monarchs. Their goal was to kill all people who have abilities that only GOD should have. That was their motive and they would seek out that task until it is met. They have also given the new of people a name calling them Shogis, which strands for Super Human Organisms Given Infamous Souls. However not everyone agreed with the view point of the Monarchs which is then when another organization sought to counteract the Monarchs plot was formed as well.
The Goliath Bird-Wing Corporation was built to protect all things Shogi based. They sought out to stop the Monarchs with the help of Shogis themselves, however the Monarchs have an ace up their sleeves using the various scientists to capture and steal the S Gene from Shogis and putting it into their “test dummies” turning them into Shogis and brainwashing them so that they will fight alongside the Monarchs even if it is the Monarchs that are trying to get rid of them. A pretty corrupt organization wouldn’t ya say?
Throughout all of the chaos happening within Lorciavana, beyond the country there are new creatures that have been created from the explosion as well, most vary in size from the size of a mouse to the size of a whale and they vary in danger from innocent to deadly. Seems like the world may be small but the problems it causes are big.

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Sōichirō Xsalice

Sōichirō Xsalice

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PostSubject: Re: Lies Are The Truth RPG   Mon May 20, 2013 5:15 am

Interesting Post-Apocalyptic Supernatural Inspired Rpg, definitely worth a look through !


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Alohi Izioka
Alohi Izioka

Posts : 38
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Village : Umigakure
Rank : Suikage

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PostSubject: Re: Lies Are The Truth RPG   Tue May 21, 2013 6:06 pm

Yes thank you. I updated the ploit,hope ya'll enjoy.
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PostSubject: Re: Lies Are The Truth RPG   

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Lies Are The Truth RPG
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