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 Kajiya Toshu

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Kajiya Toshu


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PostSubject: Kajiya Toshu   Fri May 17, 2013 7:33 pm

❊ Kajiya Toshu ❊

"Few great artists are understood in their time."

Personal Information

NICKNAME(S): The Smith
AGE: 44
VILLAGE: Raiugakure Shirotori
    VILLAGE RANK:A-Rank Shirotori


Appearance Information


Personality Information

PERSONALITY INFORMATION: Toshu thinks of himself as a misunderstood artist, perhaps the greatest of his age. And like all artists, he has to push boundaries. For most artists, this would mean painting about taboo topics, or creating more abstract works. But as a blacksmith, whose works must first and foremost be practical, how was he supposed to experiment with more avant-garde art? The answer, of course, is with fuinjutsu. Toshu believes that using human souls, or parts of souls, or even body parts in the making of a weapon is just the cutting edge of art, and will someday be widely accepted. It shocks and offends him that people think he does this out of sadism. He is genuinely sorry for having to hurt people, but it's a necessary evil for the beauty he creates.

In fact, Toshu thinks this outrage about what he does is downright hypocritical. He's well aware of what his creations are used for. Everything he makes is either designed to kill, or to help someone kill more efficiently. If someone takes one of his swords and kills a hundred, that man would be a hero. Why is he the villain when he kills one man to create that sword? The Smith is disgusted with the current culture, which he believes glorifies destruction and demonizes creation. In fact, most of current culture revolts him. He's taught himself a great deal about old art, old music, old culture and so on in an effort to culture himself. He's also taught himself a hatred for modern popular culture, which he thinks is a blight on mankind. He has been known to stop on a mission in order to destroy something he considers tacky or creatively bankrupt. He also makes an effort to sound sophisticated, speaking in a very formal and sometimes antiquated manner.

Toshu's old loyalties are long gone. He considered Raiugakure the embodiment of the anti-artistic sentiments he hates so much, and was downright glad when his master destroyed the place. As far as he's concerned, it was already a cultural wasteland. Now the appearance matches the reality. He's a bit delusional about why Zaku took him in, though. In his mind, Uchiha Zaku is a brilliant visionary who sees the beauty in his art. Zaku is the patron, and Toshu is the master artist who he supports. It will be very hard to convince him that Zaku is anything other than a finely cultured genius.
LIKES: His work, opera, fine art, people who appreciate the previous three.
DISLIKES: Non-constructive criticism, modern art, pop music, people who partake in the previous three.
CATCH PHRASE(S): (While sacrificing someone to make a weapon) I really am sorry about this. Believe me, it will be worth it in the end. (While fighting) It would really be better if you just stand aside.
NINDO: Sometimes sacrifices must be made for art. It's an unfortunate necessity, but the beauty it creates is worth any price.

Equipment Information

NAME: The Brush
TYPE: Hammer
APPEARANCE: A simple blacksmith's hammer, larger than normal to fit his massive hand.
SPECIAL ABILITY: Can more easily channel chakra into the weapons he creates.
ORIGIN: Made it himself.

  • A pouch of 25 scrolls
  • Sewing scissors
  • Scalpel
  • Hacksaw
  • Leather apron

Combat Information

CLAN: Kajiya
    Main: Fuinjutsu
    Sub: Ninjutsu


Chakra Control: As a result of his experience with Fuinjutsu and advanced elements, Toshu has developed expert chakra control.

Brute Strength: Toshu is 30% stronger than most ninja his rank, able to lift and throw large objects with ease.
Large Target: Toshu is massive in all dimensions, making him and his vital points very easy to hit.

Sluggish: Toshu's size makes him somewhat slow, 30% slower than the average shinobi his rank.

Jutsu Information

Academy Jutsu:






History Information

Born to the Kajiya clan in Raiugakure, and one of the few members of his clan who showed a talent for chakra use. He was enrolled in the academy, but showed little interest in actual combat. His main focus was always on the family business, despite the pressure from the rest of his clan to represent them as a ninja. It was only when he heard legends about Kinton jutsu that he took interest in his studies. Toshu became obsessed with fusing the ninja arts with his family craft, developing an interest in Fuinjutsu as well. His missions were always a secondary concern, with his main focus being on improving his creations.

As he explored fuinjutsu and kinton, Toshu became more and more obsessed with his art. He was starting to get bored with his style, thinking that an artist's style needs to evolve. In hopes of improving his work, Toshu started experimenting with kinjutsu. He would take home parts of the enemies who were killed on his missions, figuring out how to bind them into weapons and get effects from those. But even this wasn't enough. He developed more techniques that could bind parts of a soul into a weapon, abducting enemy shinobi to aid in his experiments.

Unfortunately for him, Toshu wasn't the stealthiest ninja. His experiments were soon discovered, forcing him to flee the village. He wandered for some time, trying to set up forges where he could continue his work, before the Shirotori took him in. For Toshu, this was a dream come true. He had a forge of his own where he was free to continue his work, experimenting and creating weapons for his comrades in the Shirotori. He still lives in something of a fantasy, believing that the organization is a haven for misunderstood geniuses such as himself, but at least he's happy.

Miscellaneous Information

FACE CLAIM Fullmetal Alchemist - Sig Curtis as Kajiya Toshu
PASSWORD -Admin checked-

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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: Re: Kajiya Toshu   Sat May 18, 2013 1:33 am

Not totally sure on the Earthquake thing but meh, Ok
got my OK
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PostSubject: Re: Kajiya Toshu   Sat May 18, 2013 2:47 am

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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: Kajiya Toshu   Sat May 18, 2013 3:32 am

Name: Doton Resshin [Disastrous Earthquake]
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Doton
Rank: A
Orientation: Defensive, Offensive
Effects: A jutsu capable of shifting the tectonic plates beneath the ground, causing dramatic seismic activity in the area. This loosening of the ground allows the user's to manipulate this force and focus in in specific areas, causing the ground to rise, break apart, and shift against an opponent- The battlefield itself becomes an enemy to face. This jutsu is particularly powerful due to the number of ways the user can cause the quakes to effect the earth, giving them a versatile number of ways to attack their opponent. This jutsu may be used for multiple turns at the price of 3 additional chakra for maintaining instead of 1. This jutsu is difficult to use even for A-rank Ninjas.

S rank, needs ranges and dimentions etc. and chakra points what is that edit that part as well.


" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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Kajiya Toshu


Posts : 89
Village : Shirotori
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PostSubject: Re: Kajiya Toshu   Sat May 18, 2013 3:36 am

Removed that jutsu, but the library section lists it as A. That should probably be fixed to avoid further confusion.
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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

Posts : 785
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PostSubject: Re: Kajiya Toshu   Sat May 18, 2013 3:48 am



" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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PostSubject: Re: Kajiya Toshu   

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Kajiya Toshu
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