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 Another day at the office

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James Vox Fulton


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PostSubject: Another day at the office   Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:14 am

Well, this was fun. Vox had thought his workload was pretty bad as head jounin, but at least it was manageable. But as Keukage, things had gotten much worse. It seemed like he had an inbox a mile high. He sighed, resting his head in his hands. At this rate, he was never going to get caught up on his training. He had a lot of progress to make, and it was looking like it was going to be all late nights at his desk from here on out. This would be one hell of a disappointment for the genin, or at least for Kenji. He wasn't really sure about Yuuki, that kid was a mystery.

Or maybe it didn't have to be. An idea struck Vox. All of these powers, there had to be something he could do. He focused, seeing if he could hurry things up a bit. His hearts started to pump faster as his body started producing stimulants. In a blur, his hand shot out across the desk, grabbing for a pen. It was a little faster than expected. His hand snapped right through the pen, launching the entire cup across the room. With a groan, the new Keukage stood up and went to gather up the scattered writing implements. An assistant stuck his head in to ask if he needed help, but Vox waved him off. He could sweep up the smashed pen mug himself.

After a few minutes, Vox had cleaned up the shattered ceramic and arranged the pens on the desk again. He was ready to try this again. Vox sat down, setting one pen apart and putting down a blank sheet of paper. He was delaying his work a bit, but the time this could save would more than make up for it. He focused again, trying to fine-tune the chemical cocktail his body was producing. More precision, less power. That was what he needed. His hand shot out again, grabbing the isolated pen. This time, he managed not to damage it, or the desk. Smiling at this amazing achievement, he tried to write something.

In a few seconds, the paper was confetti. With a sigh, he got a fresh piece and focused again. He could do this, he knew it. He had the principle, all he had to do was fine-tune it. His hand moved more gently this time, glancing across the paper and actually not shredding it this time. He proudly looked at his handiwork. A bit messy, but recognizable. Still, he knew he could do better. He concentrated again, trying to make it faster and more precise.

Half an hour later, he felt he was ready. Vox focused, putting all his control and willpower into this. His pupils dilated, his hearts beat faster, and he blurred into motion. A hand shot out across the desk with inhuman speed, grabbing the first order from the inbox. His eyes scanned over the paper in a fraction of a second, taking in everything. Deciding he approved in less time than it would take most people to blink, his pen blurred across the page, leaving a neat signature.

[Word count: 525]
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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: Re: Another day at the office   Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:18 am

Approved, very funny Kinda hoping he would struggle more before he figured it out, but still funny.
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Another day at the office
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