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 Mission: catching a cat

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PostSubject: Mission: catching a cat   Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:00 am

Tokiwa slowly wandered around the village, on her first mission sence coming to this village. while she wished it was somthing more meaningful or exicting, she was glad none the less. she was told to find this short and stocky brown and black striped Tabby cat, that this lady had lost. she wasnt given much else to go on, other then his name was henry. she sighed, this was going to be hard, while she had taken a few tours around umigakure she was still pretty unsure of every spot in the village. she was forced to ask around to see if anyone had saw the cat, and for the most part no one had saw anything, everyone was just a little to busy doing whatever they were doing to see some cat. it was getting on her nerves to cause she didn't really like talking to people, and it was the only thing she could do at this point besides looking around the whole city. which would be pointless due to the size of the village compared to the size of the cat. it wasnt intill she came across a shop keeper that had chased out a cat that apeared to be the same not to long ago.

she started heading in the direction the store owner said the cat had gone after he chased it out. it wasn't long intill she had spoted the cat. " there you are cat." Tokiwa would say as she steped closer to the cat. the cat would seemly would walk up to her and start rubing on her legs. "well, then you arnt such a bad cat." she would say lowering herself to pet the cat however the cat would quickly scrach her hand with its claws and quickly dash off. "OW, that hurt you stupid cat." she would mutter before quickly taking chase. the cat dashed and weved though allyways, however tokiwa was no slow poke, and could keep up quite easy. she almost grabed hold of the cat intill she wasnt looking and the cat went though a hole in a wall causing tokiwa to run right into a wall, causing her to fall back onto the ground holding her face. "this cat is more trouble then I thought." she would say rubing her face. tokiwa would slowly climb over the wall. the cat wasnt around anymore and this made tokiwa mad. she started moving from building to building. intill she spoted the cat just slowly strolling down the street, she landed infront of it, spooking the cat causing it to start runing the other way, however, tokiwa quickly dashed to the other side of the cat before it had even fully turned around, quickly grabing it. the cat was just stuned by the speed. she carred it back to the lady, she handed it back to her, and said " could you please take better hold on your cat, he realy could of been hurt." she would say before collecting her pay before walking away.

word count: 504

mission complete
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: catching a cat   Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:04 am



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Mission: catching a cat
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