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 Meeting of the Kage's

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Hideyoshi Senju

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PostSubject: Meeting of the Kage's   Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:25 pm

Hideyoshi had been sitting in the office for a while, finishing his paper work before the other Kage came to convene in his home for an important meeting. Of course it would not be in his office, but in a meeting room underneath the office itself. This place was only known to the Kage of the village and his those before him.

Looking at the clock he would see that it was time to finally get things underway, so standing up he would put on his White Kage Jacket which had the emblem of the senju embodied on the back of the standing collar. The Jacket itself was sleeveless, complimenting the long sleeved black shirt underneath it as he grabbed his Soragakure head band and tied it over his right arm. Lastly was the hat in which he would carry with him.

As he waited for everyone to arrive something would stir inside of him that bothered him for a moment until he smiled for a moment," This is going to be interesting." From nowhere the voice of Uzu would echo in his head," Well then it would seem like you get to meet new friends pipsqueak do not blow it," hideyoshi chuckled sarcastically," shut up Uzu i am a born leader and a good talker your pessimistic side still shows," for once everything was normal.

Once his guests would arrive he would instruct them to follow him as he performed the moving earth core technique to show a flight of stairs that would take them to their destination. Of course whoever they brought would have to remain topside due to the severity of the meeting. Once in the meeting area, he would sit in his chair and motion them to do the same," Fellow Kage both old and new, all of you should be aware or know of the trying times and situations that have occurred in our world and i have called you all here for that purpose. I want to propose something but first we should share what we know of the current events to get a better understanding," his face held a serious look as he waited for the first person to speak.
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Yuki Shiro


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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the Kage's   Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:39 pm

Shrio Yuki stepped off the airship dressed in the long white robes, and the standard four cornered hat of the Kage. Shiro looked around, reflexively reaching to adjust her mask, that she realized wasn't there anymore. The newly appointed shadow was still feeling the shock of the matter. It was still suprising to think that she was the choice of the council and the Jonin. 

The former captain, smiled and bowed as the Sukage greeted her. "It a pleasure to finally meet you Sukage-sama, though I wish it had been under more pleasant circumstances. Though these meeting are rarely called under anything else." Shiro sighed as she waited for the shadows to arrive so the meeting could get underway. In her mind this was something that was along over due to be discussed. A few minutes later the other two shadows arrived and they were lead down to the meeting room, their escorts left topside.
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Tadashi Kira


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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the Kage's   Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:43 pm

Shadows would fade as the Enlightened Kira would step foot upon this unknown land. Why he was here, Kira wouldn't exactly know. He did, however, receive notice that his Kage would expect him to be here, thus he had no choice but to attend. During this seemingly 'special' occasion, the Tadashi's attire would consist of his Wind Sage robe, covering that of a black cloak, along with brown sandals; all of which were atop his undergarments of course. Kira wasn't the type to go commando, anyway, obviously comparing to those damn perverts that used to lurk his homeland.

Everything seemed peaceful from the start, yet the wind was weak. "Hopefully this doesn't resemble the shinobi that reside here..." Kira thought. Having been known as the Wind Sage, Kira believed wind was an important essence of life, something that could reveal its presence. He would watch on the topside of the airship as he could see his Kage seemingly move to an unknown area. Having let her be, Kira felt irresponsible. However, strange voices would enter his mind, telling him that everything would be least for the time being. If anything strange were to occur, Kira would be fully prepared, ready to unleash a catastrophe on these people.

Aside from this all, Kira would relax, endless possibilities awakening in his head of what could possibly occur, the only option Kira having was to wait and watch these possibilities commence.

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Kuroi Shimada


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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the Kage's   Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:56 pm

Kuroi had been sitting on the ship for a while, dangling his leg as he looked out of the window with amazement. His attire was his black sleeveless shirt with the Korinohon symbol on the front, his white long Jacket covering. On the back of said jacket were the words " Wolf Sage" in kanji with a wolf claw on the bottom. The Umigakure head band sat on his forehead as he looked over to his cousin," So you are Kage now it sucks that you beat me to the highest rank before i could become clan leader," he was happy for her  but on today he was heading for the village in the sky, Soragakure no Sato.

Finally arriving he would step off and walk to the right of Shiro as he looked around the place and smiled," So this is floating village, it seems cooler than i imagined," of course he had came with the awkward Head Jounin. He sighed and answered for Shiro just to lessen things," Its simple you are here to escort her to and from the meeting and to also protect her in case anything happens. I thought you were briefed on this before we left, i see that some ninjas can't pay attention," the young sage smiled as he continued to follow.
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James Vox Fulton


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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the Kage's   Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:57 pm

Vox was nervous and uncomfortable, but he hid it well. The stern poker face he'd been known for in Kemuri masked his emotions as he stepped off the airship, flanked by a pair of ANBU. A new kage robe had been custom-tailored for him, since he was much bulkier than his predecessor and couldn't exactly wear hand-me-downs. The Keukage's hat rested on his head, completing the image. He felt like an idiot. Robes had never suited him, and he felt even more out of place going to a formal event in this goofy costume. Still, it was tradition, and he had to respect it. A kage of one month is in no position to rock the boat.

When he arrived at the meeting place, Vox saw a familiar face. His suspicions had been true all those months ago. He had met the Sokage on the road, pretending to be a simple traveler. He didn't mention the incident, not knowing if there was any context that might cause diplomatic trouble. If the need arose, he could discuss it with the Sokage in private.

The security was impressive, although Vox knew part of it was probably just a show of power. A bit of pageantry to impress the visitors. Still, it seemed practical enough. He turned to his attendants. "I'll radio you when I'm done. Dismissed." The men nodded and stepped back, leaving him to go down into the meeting room alone.

Vox took a seat, steepling his fingers. This Sokage was a good speaker, and he seemed to have a good handle on recent events. Vox regretted he hadn't been able to bring his files with him, but he could remember enough to handle this. "This hasn't showed up on Kemuri's doorstep yet, but we've seen the trouble in the outer lands. I witnessed a missing-nin attack in the Land of Rice Fields about two months ago, and there were rumors of one within the past week. Both on local officials, high-value targets." He leaned forward, his look intense. "What's worse, none of these reports have come through official channels. Local law enforcement has been oddly silent about such brazen attacks. We've been forced to rely on rumors and hearsay for incidents that should have resulted in manhunts. Something's amiss out there."
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting of the Kage's   

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Meeting of the Kage's
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