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 The passing of a Gift

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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: The passing of a Gift   Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:23 am


The moon was hanging high in the sky when Aka finally got a moment to get to the training grounds. Genbu had been meaning to teach her some a new jutsu, a Bijuu skill, for some time but there never seemed to be a free moment with everything going on.
Aka sighed as she sat down in the middle of the field and glowed her eyes, her hand ran through the familiar signs she drew herself into her mind to meet with her teacher.
Aka woke on the white beach again. The ocean that was her chakra was seemed more balanced than last time, and glowed an interesting shade of green blue, it was cool and calming. As much as the red head wanted to walk on it again and see if it would go on forever or find the edge, she knew now wasn’t the time.
The red head turn her gaze toward the jungle that was her mind, she walked the practiced path ignoring several memory markers that held things she had faced or still needed to. Her spiritual self was covered in few scars than before but the number was still numerous; but it was progress.
A few moments later she arrived at where Genbu lived. The tortoise now had free roam, but often chose just to stay put, as she had said if her host wanted to share her thoughts with her then she would; there was no need to go snooping.
“I’m here!” Aka shouted getting the old bijuu’s attention. Said bijuu turned to look at her host, a glow in her green eyes.
“Ah you have come finally. I was wondering when you would.” As she sat the waves of chakra splashed on Akakame. “It has been a long time since we have talked face to face.
“Only a week, not that long.” The red head grinned.
“It is when you used to visit every day when you went to sleep.” The bijuus face turned serious. “Now down to business, the jutsu I am about to teach you is something is a skill of the Bijuu, the Bijuu Bomb.”
“What’s that?”
“Watch my dragonfly,” The large bijuu brought her tails together above her mouth condensing the chakra into small black ball before swallowing it. The ball was black about the size of Aka, when the bijuu swallowed it, she seemed to get even heavier craking the ground underneath them. Genbu opened her mouth lunching it away from them down the path Aka had come. Aka stumbled back, gaping power of the attack.
“Shinigami,” She just stared at the spot, she could see all the way back to the ocean. The water slashed it seemed she had hit the water too “that is incredible. What is the first step?”

Word Count: 465
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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: Re: The passing of a Gift   Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:45 pm

The old tortious chuckled a bit at the awe and excitement in her host’s voice. “Patients, young one, the Bijuu Bomb is difficult thing to master.
“The Bijuu Bomb is a very dense jutsu, and it made up of a ratio of 8:2. Eight parts positive black chakra for every two parts negative white chakra. You also need to force it together, as you add more chakra to it be will become harder to control and become more dense. That is for later. First let’s start with gathering the white and black chakra.”
The small red head nodded, “So how do I do that”
“Release it from you, all chakra has a positive and negative energy, the two parts cancel each other out. To release it first go into your perfected cloak or four tails at least. Then you must let loose chakra into the air splitting apart into the positive and negative energy.”
Aka took a deep breath, before nodding. The green chakra in the water started swirled around as the red head pulled at it with her will before forming around her in to the armor that made up her chakra cloak when she was like this. Genbu stepped back to watch. She would wait to see how her host handle this, the biggest thing about the jutsu was all about the ratio, shaping it and condensing it down.
The red head closed her eyes a letting her tails swished a moment before she gritted her teeth and let loose the chakra. Splitting the chakra part was harder than it seemed, as she gritted her teeth she focused on pulling the parts apart and throwing them separate ways before they could form back together.
Slowly the air began to fill with red and blue hollow orbs of chakra, after a half hour Aka paused a moment looking over at her teacher. The tortoise shook her head directing her to go back to work by popping one of the bubble. Aka gaped before gritting her teeth and release more chakra.
Another half hour passed before the air was filled with enough bubble that the old tail beast was satisfied. The large bijuu didn’t pause pressing her host harder. “Now you need to form it into a ball and compress it to the size where you eat it on one bite.”

“Isn’t there an easier way? Like what you did?”
Genbu shook her head, “No child, what I did is much harder, when you have mastered this way I will teach you the tailed beast’s way, now start compressing before I make you do that step over again. I will make you do it again later but I want you to have a feel for it first.”
The small jinchuuriki stared wide eyed before hurrying back to her chakra she didn’t want to do that again, it was exhausting.
The red head closed her eye trying to pull the chakra together, the first few were easy as they were attacted, but with the positive gone the black didn’t want anything to go with each other. She was trying to wrangle another bubble when her teacher’s tail came in and broke them all.
“No, child you mustn’t let the positive and negative neutralize each other, they must be mixed together. They are compressed together, if they neutralize then all you have is negative. Now do it again.” Aka stared at her several seconds before looking at the damage before nodding and gritting her teeth to try again.
Aka closed her eyes this time just letting herself focuse on the feeling of splitting the chakra, the first few were difficult as she had to get the feel of them right before pulling them apart, after that it got slightly better as she was able to get used to how to split them, it was then she realized the positive parts did like each other as a hole but she gob them together really easily then keep the hollow shell of the negative chakra.
Aka may have figured out the secret to getting the orbs together, but still she was exhausted and tired, by her own estimations she had enough, Genbu nodded, giving her the go ahead to move on to the next step.
Aka closed her eyes trying to think, about what Genbu had done,
The large bijuu brought her tails together above her mouth condensing the chakra into small black ball before swallowing it. The ball was black about the size of Aka, when the bijuu swallowed it, she seemed to get even heavier craking the ground underneath them. Genbu opened her mouth lunching it away from them down the path Aka had come.
That was it, the tails! She hadn’t used her tails to stabilize the ball; she had just been using her hands. It was the tailed beast bomb. With that bit of information, Aka grinned before bring her tails around her as she looked up directing her tails inward. She chose a red positive orb first to build around like Genbu had, and slowly drew the other spheres to her.
Aka began to sweat again, she had only pulled a few of the orbs in was fighting to keep the negative from neutralizing and keeping the positive together. Aka gritted her teeth after getting the first bit under control it seemed, she moved on pulling more in.
The process was slow going, it was another hour later she had about half under control. Aka growled seeing how many more she had to go. Her hand clenched more drawing blood as chakra claws dug into her hands. Her anger helped to force her will as she drew more in.
Another half hour passed, only a few balls were left. She had figured out the best way to put them together,
Positive, positive, negative, positive, positive, positive, positive, negative, positive, positive

Aka gritted her teeth as the last one was formed into the mass. She struggled to hold on as the ground beneath her gave way. It felt so damn heavy! Over the pounding on her head, Aka could her Gebu talking to her. “Good, now condense it make it smaller.”

Word Count: 1031
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Aka Tonbo

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PostSubject: Re: The passing of a Gift   Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:24 am

Aka wanted to scream when she heard the command, Make it smaller! Inadvertently her anger began to help her press down on the swirling mass of chakra, making it smaller. Just as she had when she was gathering the chakra Aka drew on her tails having them help her compress it more.
The tighter she forced together the chakra mass the heavier it seemed to get and the harder it was to control. Blood began to trickle from her nose as her control and will her forced to their limits. It was the size of her head, when she felt herself hit a wall.
“Smaller dragon fly, smaller.”Genbu order and encouraged. The girl was so close.
“I-I can’t!” Aka fell to her knee still swirling black mass of energy.
“You can child, you must. You can’t turn back now.” Aka gritted her teeth, her cloak was changing with her temper, she looked more like her demonic form, bones were forming. The chakra began to burn, but she ignored it and she pressed more and tried to stand up.
The black ball compressed further, turning to a volleyball then a tennis ball, then a golf baller then smaller still. “Good child, good. Now eat it.” The old tortoise’s words were slow as she opened her mouth and chomped the ball, the ground underneath her shattering under the mass.
The ball felt weird more chaotic, wild. “Now direct the blast.” The red head turned toward the sea once again opening her mouth. The energy was heavy, as she dug in her feet. The blast was a large as the bijuu, vaporizing the trees, the birds, the ground, everything. The minute later the blinding light faded allowing the pair to see the true extend of the damage.
Aka fell over, collapsing as she coughed, her mind strained as far as her body. Everything hurt. She pushed herself up to her knees before gaping at the damage. “I-I did that?”
“Yes, child, you have done very well,” The old beast smiled, picking the girl up in one of her tails and setting her in the pool of green chakra. “Congratulations you are a fully realized host. There is more to teach you but with that you are a fully realized jinchuuriki.”
“W-Will it always be that hard?” She huffed out as the green chakra washed over her and slowly restored her energy and healed the chakra burns. “W-will it always take that long to form?”
“No, it will be much easier now that you know what it feels like, even if you don’t think you do, your body will, but it will still take some practice before it become easy. It’s not the cost on your chakra that makes this difficult, but the will as I can imagine you have discovered, but trust that it will be much easier the next time.”
“I hope so, because that was exhausting, my head is still spinning.” Aka yawned, and stretched the chakra was calming. “Can I sleep here, I feel too tired to undo the jutsu.”

Genbu smiled, “Sleep my child, I will watch over you, nothing will be fall you tonight.”

Word Count: 526

Total Word Count: 2022
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PostSubject: Re: The passing of a Gift   Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:40 am




" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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PostSubject: Re: The passing of a Gift   

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The passing of a Gift
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