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 Kyzuro Azyama

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Kyzuro Azayma


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PostSubject: Kyzuro Azyama   Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:43 am

Kyzuro Azayma

A future without blood is a future that is plain

basic information
Nicknames: Demon Eyes Kyzuro, Divine Wind God
Gender: Male
Age: 30 (permanent age)
Blood Type: O
Village: N/a
Village Rank: S Ranked Wanderer
Skill Rank: S

physical information

    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 185 Lbs

personality information
Kyuzuro is a wild current waiting to blow across the world. He is always optimistic in nature and a happy individual, eager to help any who need his assistance. When around kids or children in general, he will sit and play music to them, of course not showing his face, but giving them something beautiful to listen to. In any case Kyuzuro is just a simple breeze. Not really having any other emotions, he usually will keep quiet or speak in riddles to either confuse or make them leave him alone. Never one to complain or make a fuss, Kyuzuro generally is the one to quell any and all altercations that arise around him, usually being called a negotiator by many who would see him actually work.  Under the surface, Kyzuro has changed since he had killed his brother and obtained his Mangekyo Sharingan. With the promise broken , his emotions had flooded out turning into the one thing his brother did not want to see.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    • Silence
    • Calamity
    • Night


    • Cold Places
    • His Past
    • Pimento Beans

combat information
Clan: Uchiha (MS Sharingan)
Ninja Specialization:

    Main: Ninjutsu
    Sub: Fuinjutsu Kenjutsu

Elemental Specialization:

    Main: Wind
    Sub: Fire Water


    Wind God: Due to his enhanced mastery of wind, Kyuzuro can make large gusts of wind without using too much of his chakra, and by also using the same wind currents he can mask his presence.  With this all Wind Jutsu that he would use, the amount of chakra that they take is reduced by one whole rank. It takes a minimum of a D ranks amount of chakra to maintain the control of the wind.

    Extreme Speed/Wind Blades: Using his Wind Manipulation, he can increase his speed by twenty percent, almost reaching body flicker speed. This can only last for three posts, but enables him to speed past his enemies. When running, due to his increased speed, he makes blades off wind shoot from his body in a three meter distance everywhere around him. It requires a minimal amount of D ranked chakra to manipulate the wind on this level.

    Large Chakra Pool: Kyuzuro has spent ten years working on a way to increase his chakra pool and he had finally succeeded in doing so without the need of being in a village. Now he has a Chakra pool that is larger than an ANBU, but lower than a Kage.


    Manipulation of Elements: Kyuzuro gave up the ability to use higher forms of jutsu and due to this he can only use up to C rank of each of his respective elements Except for Wind.

    Emotional Wreck: Kyuzuro is unable to stabilize himself when in enraged due to the vow he made with his brother now broken the pact has no effect on him. In the event that he would become angry, he would become enraged and attack any and every one until his rage was quelled or killed.

    Insomnia is for winners: Kyuzuro constantly suffers from insomnia due to him constantly traveling. Because of this he is always suffering from a constant 30% decrease of his natural speed and stamina.

NAME: Wind Sheer
TYPE: Blade
APPEARANCE: (A picture or brief description of the object.)
SPECIAL ABILITY: The Wind Sheer is a blade created to function for exactly what Kyuzuro needs. The ability of the blade when using chakra allows him to control the pressure and currents of the wind, allowing him to make blades of wind every time he swings it through the air. Each blade is a meter in length and width, a max of thirty can be made and their range being twenty meters. The damage of the blades are equal to a jutsu of B rank status.
ORIGIN: Made by Kyuzuro

Simple Equipment:

    • X 10 explosive tags
    • X 5 10 meter Wire
    • X 20 Shuriken
    • X 2 scrolls


Academy Jutsu:

Fuuinjutsu Techniques:
Water Jutsu:

Fire Technique’s

Wind Ninjutsu:


historical information
Born Originally in Raiugakure, Kyuzuro was born into a family of Uchiha. His features were nothing like his families so from a young age he was believed to be adopted. From the ages of five to ten, he grew up like a normal kid, training to be a ninja while playing around, but Kyuzuro was just like the wind, always moving around no matter the situation. He never attended the Academy for the fact that he himself believed that one had to train himself to become stronger. He spent his childhood studying amongst the wild and studying a different variety of chakra. Through learning by experience and through trial and error, Kyuzuro had easily surpassed most of the kids his age.  He and his brother were the closest and even went on to train with each other. One day they made a pact to never get angry or mad for any reason, but the right reason.

For three years of his life, Kyuzuro and his brother left from the village to further their training by staying in a forest far from their village with only the provisions they needed and each other. Testing their limits they would hunt and live off of the wild, training their bodies and mind. After the third year, the two boys returned to their home to show what they had learned to not only their parents but their peers. Kyuzuro decided to challenge one of the kids who had just became chuunin to show that self taught skill and determination can overcome the training that went on in the village. The chuunin scoffed at what he said, but decided to fight him anyways thinking he could be him withing 30 seconds. A minute and a half passed and the chuunin boy was on the ground beaten by one who had none of the villages training. Though many of his peers saw him as a threat, was simply doing what he felt was right for him which finally showed him that his place was not in the village.

As time went on, he would come to find that he did not like the way the villages were ran and thus decided to leave. Although his family was against it, he packed his bags at eighteen and left from the village to never return.  As time went on Kyuzuro was spotted amongst the lands, although for some reason he had a reward on his head for leaving, but no one could ever catch up to him to actually claim it. One day he had finally decided to return to Raiu to visit his mother and father, but found the village to be utterly and completely destroyed.  Walking amongst the rubble he would remember his promise and sigh as he stood where he house would have been. Now that his home was a wasteland, Kyuzuro decided to travel the world to find who did this and bring them to justice. He now travels around as a bard, his face always kept hidden from view of anyone that may be looking for him.  

miscellaneous information
[b]Face Claim:
Samurai Deeper Kyo - Demon Eyes Kyo as Kyzuro Azayama
Other Characters:

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PostSubject: Re: Kyzuro Azyama   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:09 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kyzuro Azyama   Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:10 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kyzuro Azyama   

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Kyzuro Azyama
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