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 Chinatsu Taiyo

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Chinatsu Taiyo


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PostSubject: Chinatsu Taiyo   Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:11 pm

Chinatsu Taiyo

It's not polite to stare

basic information
Nicknames: Nova
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Blood Type: A+
Village Rank: Chunin
Skill Rank: B

physical information

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135
Measurements: petite/slim athletic

personality information
Chinastu is very driven, when she first got her hands and dicovered the joy of making things blow up, she spent every waking minute she could modeling and practicing and blowing up the field. This also has lead her to work herself to the bone on studying. She doesn't quiet know when to give up on something.

Chi also tends to speak her mind. If she doesnt agree with something she will say something. She never really holds back on things, and is not one to pull punches, but it also means you will know how she feel about you. She doesn't like to gossip and calls it cowardly.

She is also very creative as can normality think her way of problem. She kind of has to be as she must model each piece of clay to use it. She can also sometimes be seen modeling for the heck of it before just crushing the thing. She also is very attentive to details sometime too much so as she will cut time close trying to get something perfect.

She is also very proud, but doesn't like people that look down at her for her rank. She has a small temper, but knows how to keep it in check and use it to her advantage, and sharpen her focus.

    Sexuality: Bi

    • Explosives
    • Tea
    • Reading
    • Flying


    • Judgmental People
    • Cold Tea
    • When her jutsu doesn't work

combat information
Ninja Specialization:

    Main: Ninjutsu
    Sub: Genjutsu

Elemental Specialization:

    Main: Earth
    Sub: Lightning Explosive


    Blast Resistance: Chinatsu has the innate ability to reduce the percussive force caused by her own Jutsu on herself by 20%. Her chakra signature helps to shape it around her reducing the damage some. This doesn't protect against shrapnel damage


    By being up close to explosion her ears will ring, and some time go deaf for several minutes (Three Posts).

Fighting Style: Long Range


NAME: Detonation Clay
TYPE: Supplementary
SPECIAL ABILITY: Explosive Chakra is needed into the clay then it can molded and enlarge it to various sizes depending on the intended purpose of the clay.
ORIGIN: Made by the Taiyo clan

Name: Eye Scope
Rank: D
Type: Supplement/ Enhancer
Natural Abilities: A device that sits over Chinatsu's left eye, functioning as a telescope. As she is a long-range fighter by nature, the device allows her to see her targets from a distance and allows her to find the range between herself and other objects. It is usually hidden underneath her hair.

Simple Equipment:

  • 30 Kunai
  • 30 shuriken
  • 20m Ninja wire
  • 2 Sets of Ear Plugs
  • 20m Ninja wire


Academy Jutsu:

Earth Release Ninjutsu:

Detonation Clay:

Lightning Release Ninjutsu:


         Learned Jutsu
Name: C1: Bird and other flying things (C1: Flight)
Canon/Custom: Canon 
Element: Earth explosive
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Jutsu Prerequisites: Half tiger sign, C1 clay
Description: A bird or other flying creature made of of C1 clay. First a small version is modeled then when chakra is added it can be enlarged allowing for flight. Can be anything that has wings and can fly. (Can be made large enough to carry three people)

    historical information
    Chinatsu Taiyo was born and raised in Donzogakure. When she was four years old her clan began to teach her to work with clay and form simple shapes and things. Like the other children in her clan Chi when she turned ten and had mastered creating simple clay creatures, she was given her mouths and taught to add chakra to the clay. She quickly found she had a love for the creating the explosion that she could create. She was no natural genius, but she did have a drive to master her art, when she graduated she quickly took advantage of blowing up the practice fields as she worked with her clay.

    Chinatsu took the Chunin exams for the first time when she was fifteen, and once every year after that. She has failed every time till she turned seventeen, it didn't help she had a small record for "disagreeing" with her commander, but then again she had thought of him as fool. She also didn't work well with her teammates. As she got older she got batter as a getting along, but she still tended to talk when she disagreed. Currently Natsu is goes on mission outside the village, a lot while training to take the Jonin trials 

miscellaneous information
Face Claim: Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl - Lenore as Chinatsu Taiyo
Other Characters:

  • Shiro Yuki
  • Aka Tonbo


  • Hetero-chromatic: one red and one green

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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Chinatsu Taiyo   Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:55 am

Approved 1/2


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C: 3
B: 1
A: 0
S: 0

Rank-up points: 13

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Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: Chinatsu Taiyo   Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:03 am



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PostSubject: Re: Chinatsu Taiyo   

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Chinatsu Taiyo
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