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 Overly Kindness Can Kill [Acherion|Open]

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Hyuga Sakura


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PostSubject: Overly Kindness Can Kill [Acherion|Open]   Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:23 am

Sakura performed yet another rotation quickly as another group of the men and women charged at her. The spares, swords, and variety of different weapons they bared were quickly sent flying away, along with them as her rotation hit them. The spinning action left their skins bruised entirely. She turned towards the few men and women that were now left out of the near one-hundred that had originally charged the Ruined village with the intention of overthrowing  the village.

She took a step towards them, still smiling, which had certainly set them off as they stepped back cautiously. She could see the fear in their eyes and their trembling, and she felt excited by it. In the background she could hear a few more of them screaming in horror from the pain she had inflicted in them, and she felt a mix of pity for hurting them, as well as excitement.

"Dammit, why won't you let us just kill you!?" the bald, older man who stood at the front of the group hissed angrily.

Sakura furrowed a brow. "Is that what you wish?" she asked, looking at all of them then back at the bald headed man.

He, along with the others, looked at her dumbfounded now by her sudden question. They made a faced that told her that they didn't understand her question, and repeated. "Do you really want me to die? If so, then I will," she said, standing more relaxed now that told she was serious.

They still looked at her dumbfounded, and she smiled inwardly since she knew why they would feel that way. "You mean, you are just going to give up?" the man asked, looking at her now.

She only nodded affirmatively with a smile.

He looked at the others confused for a second once more, while also exchanging glances with her. When they had obviously realized that she was serious, they all broke out into grins. "You're going to regret this then woman," one of them said.

They all started towards her, baring their weapons now with wide grins to which she reacted with only a stoic expression. When they were close to her, the bald headed man grabbed her by the hair, pulling her close to him before slamming her into the ground. They all hesitated in going any further in their actions since they were obviously still not believing in her sudden surrender. When they realized she wasn't doing anything, they started again.

Sakura laid limp on the ground as the group of fifteen started to wail on her with kicks and punches that certainly made her stifle the urge to scream in pain every time. She endured it nevertheless as blood trickled from her body, mixing in with the blood of the other men and women who she had killed beforehand.
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Acheron Parthenopaeus


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PostSubject: Re: Overly Kindness Can Kill [Acherion|Open]   Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:03 am

Acheron was nothing for a spy or the type of person to take to such things in his pesonal life, but as dictated by his personality he couldn't let any persons in which he was required to follow be detained or hurt. He was unsure why but his mission was to follow the woman by the name of Sakura and of course in his lack of briefing he couldn't understand why the fluctuating chakra signatures he was seeing now were huddled around her pounding the woman into the dust. There were several ways one such as the Parth could handle this, but the best suited was an interior clearing followed by a swift exterior purge and time was of the essence in this situation. Wasting little more of it the ninja freed a kunai from it's holster in his hiding place and allowed for the chakra to flow through him and onto the object in the form of one of his most used secrets. It wasn't his way to really break a promise or contract and contactually he was obligated to exterminate any threat to sakura with extreme prejudice.

That included some bald cultist and his people. Springing forward towards them he swiftly freed the kunai from his possesion and into that of the leader of these people. It was an odd change though, as the kunai pierced the base of the man's neck and stayed there, even as he fell limp to the ground over Sakura. Now at this point there were four individuals still standing over her noticing that their leader had fallen, but the snap of his fingers caused a movement unsuspected by them of him and one of their necks was snapped. A spin before he would land brought his foot into the neck of another, breaking it, and leaving two there above her. Only the tip of his right foot hit the ground before his free hand, the left one, formed several swift seals and sent him behind one of the two. In that same moment with a thrust and expulsion of wind nature chakra through his weapon both remaining enemies were skewered though their chest cavities. 

The next part of it all was rather awkward. Acheron wasn't one for the personal side of things, but even now he couldn't really say much to the woman that lay there in the pool of blood that came from more than a dozen men and women, but he tried. Casually as it would seem to her, he opened his mouth letting only a few words escape his lips. "You should clean yourself up." Again he disappeared immediately after saying that, reappearing outside atop the tower on a slip of summoning paper he had set there ages ago. Running forward as fast as he could, Ash jumped forward leaping off the build, forming seals with his left hand and allowing his sharingan to pinpoint the location of all of the living enemies he would have to face. Deciding that he didn't really care to slay them singly he let free the hundreds of senbon formed from his own lightning chakra and jutsu. The beautiful thing about the sharingan was the options it gave the user if they were smart enough to use it. Not to go into detail about their deaths, but they all were slain and the slayer was left to a free fall to the ground. Of course a sheathing of his blade and forming of several seals brough him back before Sakura. He didn't have much to say to the woman, but he offered her his coat as she needed something to change into and on the her, closed completely, it'd work as a dress of sorts.
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Hyuga Sakura


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PostSubject: Re: Overly Kindness Can Kill [Acherion|Open]   Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:14 pm

Sakura only continued to wince against the pain that was dealt onto her by the ruthless men and women. Surely, one would expect them to be smarter and run away as there was also that option; after all who would think to try and hurt a person who was only moments before slaughtering over a dozen men with ease. But certainly these men and women either weren't so smart or had too much pride to decide to retreat, even if just for the day. She admired them for their bravery, but certainly that was more than foolish of them.

She heard them shout threats of making her pay as much as possible with threats of rape and torture. She didn't feel scared by their threads since her laying down and allowing them to beat her as they were was her decision. Certainly a foolish one by any standards, but her kindness was always the one display of stupidity she had about her that contrasted her abilities as a ninja prodigy. Eventually they started to beat on her with weapons. First there was a club across her head and then she could feel one man placing himself over her and stabbing her multiple times.

Then... it all stopped suddenly. There loud laughter as they continued to beat her, the sound of her own body being pounded repeatedly. All of it came to a stop as she felt a man fall down on top of her. His body was heavy against the wounds she had already sustained, but she ignored it. The silence didn't persist and she reactivated her Byakugan to see what was actually going on around her, her face still pressing into the earth as she was still a bit too tired to muster much effort to move. Nevertheless, she furthered her vision to the figure that stood out by his strong aura in comparison to the rest of weak men and women warriors who she had yet to slaughter.

In some quick movements, the male was capable of finishing of her offenders with some grace in his movements, and even in pain she couldn't help but smile in fascination at his display of skill. To top it all of he seemingly had the sharingan. After his onslaught, he appeared at her side, and she laid in wait for whatever he might have been thinking of doing to her. She trust that he was probably probably not here to harm her since he had just killed her offenders, but certainly there was no real way for her to tell other than by his words. She was proven right by his words; his voice low and almost unheard, but she managed to pick out whatever was said.

As he disappeared once more, Sakura followed his movements in admiration. She activated her Creation Rebirth technique, leaving it to heal her wounds at a gradual pace, at least that way it didn't drain her chakra as much as her speeding it up. It didn't take long for it to give her back enough energy for her to get up to her knees where she sat, watching. She turned to the Uchiha as he reappeared at her side, offering her his coat. She looked at him a bit thoughtfully at first, a puzzled look to her features, even though inwardly she was still fascinating over everything about him. Finally, she smiled and took the coat gently, wrapping it around herself. "Uhh... hi," she said, smiling with kindness, but no fascination - not yet. "Thanks, I thought that they would have actually raped and kill me."
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PostSubject: Re: Overly Kindness Can Kill [Acherion|Open]   

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Overly Kindness Can Kill [Acherion|Open]
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