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 Terri Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Terri Hyuuga   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:45 am

❊  Terri Hyuuga❊

Put Your Character Picture here
"I don't have time for this."

Personal Information

    NICKNAME(S): Udine / Kat
    AGE: 30
    GENDER: Female
    VILLAGE: Donzogakure
    VILLAGE RANK: Jounin

Appearance Information

Height: 5'8
Weight: 150Lbs
Hair color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: White
Looks Image:
Looks Description:  

Personalily Information

Sexuality: Pansexual with homosexual preference
Personality Description: She has a very manly attitude; well i guess thats not a surprise considering that she had like 7 brothers and she was always around them. With a Short Fuse temper around her, sometimes it’s dangerous to be within distance of her rage. but usually its only triggered by other people’s input. so if you treat her nice, she will be nice back. same with negative just u might get a more destructive output. On the inside she's a bit of a pervert, but she hides it well. She pretends not to be interested in sexual things. After all, it's easier to perv on people if they think you're being all innocent.


  • Ramen
  • Glasses
  • Meditation
  • Sweets
  • Bananas
  • Felines / Canines / Vulpines


  • Insects
  • Traitors
  • Showboaters
  • Being Interrupted
  • Spiders (since technically they’re not insects)

Catch Phrases:

  • "Really?" With a raised eyebrow
  • "Is this guy serious?"
  • "Oh Hell no!"
  • "Tell me, why are we so blind to see, that the one's we hurt, are you and me."
  • "I'll see you when you get there."

Nindo: She heads to a secret waterfall just on the outskirts of the village where she goes to relax and meditate.

Weapons And Items
Name: N/A
Type: Fists / Bare Hands
Appearance: N/A
Rank: N/A
Special Abilities: N/A
Origin: N/A

Clan Information

~Naruto Lands Of Shinobi~
Tell me something about your clan.
~Clan Application~

Clan Information

Clan Name: Hyuuga Clan

Bloodline Name: Byakugan (Level 4)

Bloodline Ability: Gentle Fist

Location: Scattered
Clan History: The Hyuuga clan were one of the founding noble families of Leaf village.The clan itself is said to be the ancestors of the Uchiha clan who possess the bloodline of the Sharingan eye. Each clan member possess the"Byakugan" or "White Eye." When the "Byakugan" is activated, the clan member gains an extra sensory perception, which gives them penetrating
sight and telescopic vision. This allows them to see the internal chakra
circulation system in other beings. This vision also grants the member a
near 360° view of their surroundings. The higher the skill of the clan
member, the further the distance from which they can sense incoming
attacks. Unfortunately the vision does have a weakness, a small
blindspot that extends outwards from their upper back. Their great
powers lead to internal strife within the family. Because the eye grants
such a unique and powerful ability, the clan became possessive and
over-protective of it. Seeing only the main family as worthy users and
inheritors of the eye, the heads of the clan began to place restrictions
on those branch family members not in power. What resulted were two
Hyuuga lines, the powerful main family who would represent the line, and
the branch family who were directed to protect the main family and bear
the cursed seal. The cursed seal is placed on the foreheads of branch
family members. It serves as a means to protect the secrets of the
Hyuuga Byakugan eye. If the branch family member was to ever betray the
main family or be killed in battle, the seal would be activated to
destroy the body's secrets. Thus forcing the branch family to further
bow to the will of the main family.

Clan traits: Clear Amber eyes, Byakugan
Clan Weakness's: One blind spot in the middle of the neck (Back side)

Born into

- Kenjin
- Sakura

A Rank:

B Rank:

C Rank:

D Rank:

Jutsu Information
Jutsu Specialties:
Main: Taijutsu
Sub: Ninjutsu
Bloodline: Hyuuga
Element Affinity: Aqua - Akuton  (Pure Water)
Sub Element Affinity:
Special Characteristics:  
Exceptional Strength:

Exceptional Agility:

Blood-Cell Rapidity:

Flaws/Weaknesses:  Takes more damage (30%) from Lightning attacks when struck. Counts as one rank lower when trying to break Genjutsu. Takes 30% more damage from weapon attacks.
Jutsu Template:

Jutsus List...
Open For The Jutsus:

Academy techniques don't count to overall amount of techniques, meaning they are free.

Academy Jutsu

History and RP Sample

Born in the village of Donzokogakure, The youngest child out of a group of 9. Terri is the youngest and the only female. Then there's Torabisu, Jei, Lei, Kiru, Furan, Kidomaru, Aburame, and Kiroku. The parents was almost never around so she was raised  by her brothers. They were very diverse when it came to combat. each one had a different form to the clan’s style. Training wise Terri was manly paired up with Kidomaru and Kiroku since she was the most interested in their way of the style. when she became the age of 10, they started the rough training.

After that it didn't last long, one day the family went on a mission and left Terri to main the house til they came back. About a week later it was her birthday and she had no one to celebrate it with. Then she got a ninja at the door saying that her family had died. He didn't say how because she was too young to bear the full truth. But she didn't let that slide. Terri set out of the village in search of her family to know the real truth about them. Roaming around the vast world to see. She met along the way 2 ninjas that she ran along with for a long time. Their names were Sakiganryu and Misaro. Sakiganryu a dark skinned dark blue haired male, Sword user with lightning jutsu. Misaro a light skinned Bright Green haired female, pole user with wind jutsus. Saki told Terri that he was a hunter for large beasts called bijuus. She didn't really understand what he was saying because she had never heard of them nor saw one before, but she still stayed with him cause for some reason she felt safe when she was around him.

For a couple of months they wandered around, doing odd jobs for different people and getting paid for them. They fed and clothed Terri like she was their child even though she wasn't. Saki bought Terri a pair of hard plated gloves. She originally thought they were ugly to look at. "You cant be to choosy with weapons only basing them on their looks." Saki said. Terri just pouted and started training with them. She got pretty good with hand-to-hand combat, but without a weapon she would have the disadvantage on the range part. The three of them got very close and started to forgot about Terri's main mission to find her real family. But with good memories, there must be bad memories. One stormy night, Terri was heading back to the campsite and saw blood come out of the tent. When she looked inside she saw Misaro dead and Saki just standing over her with his sword charged with lightning. His look just changed from that moment on. Terri turned and started to run, but he caught up and slashed her on her back. She fell to the ground hard, eyes barely able to stay open. "I have wasted too much time with weaklings like you two." Saki said as he was walking away from her. Thinking she would just bleed to death. Terri's eyes shut and reopened in a hospital bed facing down and tubes all connected to her. She panicked. then a medical nurse came in and calmed her down. Her mind was boggled on what happened before, then set another goal for herself; to find Saki and kill him.

After couple of days in the hospital, she got new clothes and set out for her target. After that occasionally she's been having dreams in which a symbol keeps flashing in her eyesight. It looked like a cat's head or something. She began seeing flashes of places in her dreams, and these visions brought her to a shrine hidden away in the wilderness.

Terri took a more relaxed attitude. Just was gonna try to fade the bad things of the past aside otherwise it would cloud her mind to a point of insanity. In this world there's 3 types of people, good, evil, and neutral. from what she's seen that evil is ever growing and is never gonna fully go away. and the good people should be kept around.

She Decided to head on back home for a break before going back out on her real journey. Upon coming back she bumps into a female named Uchiha Shoshi, another shinobi of her village. The two of them chatted, and soon became friends. They had a lot in common. One point that stuck out was that they were both hunting someone. Shoshi was trying to hunt down her missing-nin sister, and Terri had to kill Saki. Deciding it was possible that the two were working together, the girls joined forces to hunt them down. The two of them went off in search of the criminals.

In their travels, the girls came upon a temple hidden away in the mountains. it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for, but they were a couple of young ninja. They couldn’t say no to an adventure like that. And so, Terri and Shoshi went tomb raiding together. The temple was dangerous, and despite its age the traps were still working just fine. Both of them came close to death several times. The traps tested them physically, and the temple’s many puzzles and riddles tested them mentally. When they reached the center, all they found was a wall with an inscription on it. Terri read the inscription, and a catlike being appeared before her. The creature introduced herself as Nommy, and offered her services in a summoning contract as thanks for freeing her. Terri accepted, and the two have worked together ever since. It was a bit disorienting to hear the two voices of two genders coming from the same being, but Terri’s gotten used to it.

Their travels eventually brought them to somewhere Terri recognized. Set out before her, she saw the graves of her family. It was a painful reminder, and Terri sort of broke down. Luckily, Shoshi was there to comfort her. As the other girl held her, Terri felt something besides sadness. In their travels the two of them had become good friends, but Terri felt something stronger. She had really come to care for the other kunoichi. Somewhere along the way, she had fallen in love. It was that night that she confessed her love to Shoshi. Shoshi returned her feelings, and the two of them decided to set their hunting aside and just be together. They returned to Donzokogakure and resumed their work as ninja, building a new life with each other. They have worked hard and become jounin, hoping to train the next generation well.

RP Sample
Waived by admin.
Other details
Faceclaim Leona Heidern from King of Fighters
Role Player Name Terri
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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Terri Hyuuga   Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:13 am

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PostSubject: Re: Terri Hyuuga   Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:19 am

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PostSubject: Re: Terri Hyuuga   

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Terri Hyuuga
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