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PostSubject: Kariya   Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:40 am

❊ Kariya ❊

"Without death one cannot truly appreciate life."

Personal Information

Nickname(s): "Hakki" (The White Demon)
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O-
Village: N/A - Shirotori
Village Rank: N/A
Skill Rank: A
Limited(s): Jashinism

Appearance Information

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 237lbs
Hair Color: White with dark gray eyebrows.
Eye Color: Red
Looks Image:
Typical Outfit:
Looks Description: As customary with Jashinists upon the consumption of human blood Kariya's skin turns pitch black with white skeletal markings, in addition to this his tattoo changes from black to blood red.

Personality Information

Personality: Kariya is surprisingly sophisticated for a Jashinist, he prefers to take an intellectual approach on his cults beliefs rather than unadulterated slaughter and mayhem, which in turn lead him to grow distant from some of the more traditional members of the cult. Even if other Jashinists don't exactly approve of his views Kariya believes that he was in fact chosen to be a champion of Jashin due to his greater understanding of life and death, which isn't far from the truth, and is a herald of death. He believes that his entire purpose is to keep life in check, whether that be by killing a person likely to save many in their lifetime, or by saving a person likely to kill many in their lifetime. He refers to these heralds as "Reapers", and as an unspoken rule of his Kariya would never kill another reaper without absolute necessity, if he does then he must atone for it.

As proof of his bond with death Kariya has an innate ability to sense how Jashin/Death views a particular person. If said person has killed more people than they saved or would likely do so Death would look upon them with favor, and he wouldn't wish to kill said person. However if said person has saved more people than they killed or would likely do so Death would frown upon them, and he would be far more likely to try and kill them. Kariya respects anyone with a particular talent for fueling death whether that be by personal brutality, making effective weapons, advanced skill in a deadly art, or otherwise, and holds these people in high regards. The highest symbol of his respect is to be referred to as a fellow Reaper.

Jashinism aside Kariya enjoys the finer things in life including but not limited to paintings, sculptures, classical music, fine wines, classical architecture, fine dining, and is quite polite, even if he's attempting to disembowel you. He prefers the company of other intellectuals, the most notable being a Kajiya Toshu, whose craftsmanship is second to none in his opinion. Unlike many Jashinists Kariya is an extremely calm individual, it is nearly impossible to push him beyond any more than a mild aggravation. However like many Jashinists Kariya takes pleasure in pain, albeit mild pleasure, and has an ungodly high tolerance for it.
Sexuality: Bisexual with Hetero leanings.

  • Jashin.
  • Other Jashinists.
  • Death.
  • Fine arts.
  • Those who have or are destined to kill more than they save.
  • Expertly crafted weapons.
  • Intellectuals.
  • Red meats.
  • Fine wine.
  • Cultured foods and people.
  • Killing someone with the Death Controlling Possessed Blood technique.


  • Those with an overly righteous attitude.
  • Close-minded people.
  • Idiocy.
  • Spoiled brats.
  • Arrogance.
  • Medical practitioners.
  • Those who have or are destined to save more than they kill.

Catch Phrase(s): N/A
Nindo: "I exist in order to serve Jashin's will and ensure that life never gains an advantage over death."

Equipment Information

Name: Gozu & Mezu
Type: Kusarigama with Meteor Hammer.
Gozu & Mezu:
Rank: S
Special Ability:

  • High Durability: This weapon is forged from a cobalt-tungsten superalloy that provides excellent damage, heat, and corrosion resistance. It is capable of going against chakra imbued S-Rank weapons without faltering and can withstand the heat of an S-Rank fire jutsu for up to an hour before melting. The chain itself is made of the same alloy and just as durable as the rest of the weapon. It's added corrosion resistance makes it immune to oxidation and acids. It is practically guaranteed that the wielder will be destroyed long before the weapon is.
  • Extendable Chain: By allowing the weapon to consume some of the wielders chakra the chain can be extended, and if the weapon channels the chakra back into the user it can be retracted. Starts off with a base length of 10ft; E-Rank chakra ups it to 15ft; D-Rank ups it to 23ft; C-Rank ups it to 35ft; B-Rank ups it to 53ft; A-Rank ups it to 80ft; and S-rank ups it to 120ft.
  • Eye Flesh Weapon Seal: An ability that grants Gozu & Mezu to control itself, allowing it to assist in offense and defense. This ability derives from the eye on the head of the blade, which was fused with the weapon through Kajiya Toshu's Flesh Weapon Seal technique.
  • Deceiving Weight: Since cobalt and tungsten are both heavier
    than iron, tungsten being far more so than cobalt, this weapon packs one hell of a kinetic punch. Namely the meteor hammer potion, which weighs roughly 70lbs despite only being 6 inches in diameter.

Origin: A sacred heirloom originally crafted by a Jashinist smith long ago, repaired and upgraded by Kajiya Toshu.

Simple Equipment:

  • 4x - Retractable Spear
  • 4x - Retractable Spike - A smaller version of the retractable spear, 6 inches in length pre-extension, 16 inches post.
  • 1x - Fire resistant black leather vintage medical bag with false bottom. Used to carry his traveling clothes, Gozu & Mezu, the retractable spears, and retractable spikes.

Combat Information

Clan: N/A
Jutsu Specialties:

    Main: Kusarigamajutsu
    Sub: Taijutsu


    Main: N/A
    Sub: N/A

Special Characteristics:

  • Demon's Strength: 30% increase to strength.
  • Reaper's Sprint: 30% increase to speed.
  • Jashin’s Blessing: A special trait granted to a select few followers of Jashin where severed body parts fuse back with their body if pressed back onto the area and destroyed body parts slowly grow back. Fusion takes 1-3 posts, 1 for fingers/hands/feet, 2 for arms/legs/head, and 3 for bifurcation. Meanwhile complete regrowth takes anywhere from hours to months in RP.


  • Soulless Void: Inability to ever gain an element or learn how to use Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/Fuinjutsu/Ect beyond academy grade jutsu.
  • That Tickles: Due to his extreme tolerance for pain and reduced effectiveness for Kai Kariya is counted as a rank below for Genjutsu breaking attempts.
  • Death’s Vessel: Medical jutsu has no effect on him whatsoever and cannot aid in the regrowth or attachment of destroyed/severed body parts.

Jutsu Information

Academy Jutsu:

Jashinism - 1E/1C/2B/2A/1S:

Kusarigamajutsu - 2D/2C/3A:

Taijutsu - 1D/6C/4B/2A:

History Information

Born Kariya Kazama to a young couple in Kemurigakure Kariya surprisingly had what most would consider a normal childhood playing with other kids, enjoying the ides of youth, and even joining the academy. At least that was only until he turned eleven, which was about the time Kemurigakure discovered that his mother (Nemuri) was actually a closet Jashinist that infiltrated their village in order to find converts and sacrifices, something he nor his father ever knew until the week before Kemurigakure planned a raid. The Shinobi of Kemurigakure waited for the right time to strike, swarming their house with a small army in the middle of the night as it was unwise to underestimate a Jashinist, however they were too late. All they managed to find were two decaying completely skinned bodies, a man, and a boy. Blood analysis of the skinned man matched exactly to Kariya's father, however the boy's was inconclusive, but it was assumed to be Kariya.

The previous week Nemuri had abducted an urchin about the same size as Kariya, killing him and her husband and skinning them in order to make two body suits for her and Kariya to escape in. Needless to say Kariya was in shock, partially because his mother was a cultist that just killed his father in cold blood so she could wear his skin to escape, and partially because he felt nothing of the loss of his father. It felt like his death was simply an acceptable inevitability, and as for the urchin an act of a mother's love for her child. Nemuri was somewhat surprised by his reaction, or rather the lack thereof, believing that he must have inherited some of the Jashinist mentality from her. She couldn't help but feel a sense of pride as he willingly wore the skin of another human, escaping Kemurigakure in broad daylight never to return again.

Kariya Kazama would officially go down in the records as deceased, an unfortunate victim of the occult, and shedding his surname he would be reborn anew. Years of rigorous training were a head of him, all to prepare him for a cult centric lifestyle that revolved around death and general wickedness. Despite how much Kariya's life had changed in such a short time he found himself feeling at home, that this was where he was meant to be, how he was meant to live. And he adapted to it wonderfully. Before too long Kariya became one of the most physically dominating members of their specific sanctuary, and considering the vast majority of their members focus solely on the physical arts that was saying something. He excelled in a particularly brutal fighting style that mixed kusarigamajutsu and taijutsu, however there was one problem, they couldn't make a weapon strong enough to handle the stresses Kariya put it through.

A decade and about a hundred or so broken kusarigama later Kariya had earned a name for himself, Hakki, or "White Demon" due to his hair color. However very few could recognize him, he always made sure to either stay out of sight or simply "be efficient", leaving behind no one that could identify him by face when he committed a murder. A short while after his 25th birthday Jashin graced their sanctuary with a message through their current sibyl, his gaze had settled upon them, and it was time for them to present a champion to be judged. It had been 132 years since Jashin had last tested their temple, and 247 years since they had last produced a Jashinite worthy of Jashin's favor, the highest honor that could be bestowed upon any who worship Jashin. As tradition dictated a champion would be selected through a series of death-matches between the best the sanctuary had to offer, and Kariya found himself among the few selected to compete.

Kariya was reluctant to kill another child of Jashin, but he rose to the occasion, and rather brutally at that. There were two things that set Kariya apart from the rest, lethal efficiency inside the ring, and a ritual of repentance after every kill praying forgiveness for taking the life of another Jashinist. This act of repentance turned quite a few heads in their temple, some looked on with approval, while others felt it was a mockery of their tradition. Eventually it came down to the final two challengers, Kariya and a mountain of a man named Ryuu. However the final round wasn't a test of physical prowess, but a ritual where each member submits to the Death Controlling Possessed Blood technique performed simultaneously by the other member. This was the moment where Jashin either selects a champion, or leaves them both to die, and the one left standing after a simultaneous spear to the heart was Ryuu.

Turns out he was in such a balanced stance that his muscles locked him in a standing position after his heart stopped, meanwhile Kariya was writhing in pain on the ground as he bled out, still very much alive. Jashin had chosen him, the one who regretted killing another of his kind, instead of a man who simply killed for joy and didn't care who it was. The pain didn't come from the spear through the heart, but Jashin's Favor spreading through him. The closest thing that could describe it was the sensation of every cell in your body bursting into flame, healing, then bursting into flame again. This cycle repeated itself for hours, until it eventually just stopped, and a cold clarity washed over him. It was hard for Kariya to wrap his head around it. He was the chosen of Jashin, he was gifted with immortality, he was destined to serve death until the day he was needed on the other side. But there was something more, it wasn't just immortality, it felt as if he was linked to death itself.

As Kariya ascended to the position of temple champion he was also gifted with a sacred artifact that belonged to their sanctuary, the weapon Gozu & Mezu forged for their first champion, and it was a kusarigama what luck. It took a little bit to get used to the new weapon, it was unique and handled differently, but it was quite effective. It wasn't until he left the sanctuary and returned to roaming the world that Kariya realized that he was gifted with more than just immortality, he could sense how Jashin looked upon an individual, and how Jashin felt about their deaths. This when his philosophy began to form. The world had many demons meant to keep life in check, what he would refer to as reapers being the very best, however the world also had many saviors that attempted to put life ahead of death. It was his job to hunt down these saviors and promote the development of reapers, and he would do so as long as he possibly could.

Kariya spent the next 24 years in the background, hiding his true identity behind the increasing infamy of "The White Demon". A few places even made up folktales about how Hakki will devour your soul if stay out late at night in order to scare the kids. He would carefully pick off select people Jashin frowned upon, making sure he couldn't be physically identified. It was during his travels that Kariya met a rather large and surprisingly polite reaper by the name of Kajiya Toshu, who ended up sharing a few interests with him as well. He was 44 when they first met, and over the next 3 years they would occasionally meet in their travels, however Kariya never revealed his capabilities or beliefs. At least, that is until he happened to be speaking with Toshu when a squad of Donzokogakure ANBU ambushed them outside of a small village after a rainstorm.

Turns out one of them was a water user that liked to hide in puddles who winded up stabbing Kariya through the back with an extended kunai, piercing him through the heart with the very tip sticking out of the front. Much to both Toshu's and the ANBU's surprise Kariya simply remarked how rude it was to interrupt a conversation and proceeded to pull the kunai out through the front of his chest, and without skipping a beat Toshu proceeded to pick the stunned ANBU up by the head and crush it in his hand. It was about then that the other ANBU joined the fray, but they simply couldn't stand against an iron giant and an immortal, and were put down rather quickly. After making sure that there were no survivors Toshu remarked upon Kariya's particular skills and invited him to join a group of skilled ninja that weren't necessarily "accepted" by the general populous, the Shirotori.

After some deliberation Kariya eventually decided to join, a decision he saw to be wise after meeting a few of their members. Each and every one of them were reapers in their own right, but the leader was something special. While not particularly obvious to others Kariya could sense something different about her, or rather, he couldn't discern how Jashin truly felt about her, like death itself was avoiding her. Nonetheless he like it there, and often accompanied Toshu while he wasn't out doing Jashin's bidding. Everything was going fine until about a year later, where he happened upon a rather formidable monk that turned out to be a kenjutsu master coined "The Blade-Breaker". Who was known for defeating an opponent by destroying their weapon and turning them to the light, saving them from a life of death and chaos.

Needless to say this didn't sit well with Jashin, and after a long arduous fight Kariya eventually triumphed over the monk, however not without a casualty in his own right. Gozu & Mezu took some heavy damage in that fight, its chain was broken and the blade of the kama cracked in a couple of places. However he knew of one man who could fix it, and that he could potentially make it better through his unique fuinjutsu. So Kariya took the broken kusarigama along with the body of the monk to Toshu's workshop, where though a complex process he restored the artifact, and even added in a Flesh Weapon Seal for no charge. Back to proper operating condition Kariya continued his work for Jashin, aiding Toshu and the other Shirotori when called upon, and has been doing so until this day.

Miscellaneous Information

Extra Details:

  • It is physically impossible for Kariya to cry, and not like "oh I'm a manly man I can't cry" impossible but medically impossible. You could throw salt in his eye and it would just stick there until it got brushed off.
  • As a median for Jashin and Death all animals absolutely despise and fear him on an instinctual level, even large predators try to simply stay the fuck away from him. Summons would feel this instinctual fear, but would be able to work through it just fine.

Other Character(s): Kenji Jinsei
Face Claim: Bleach - Jin Kariya as Kariya.
Role Player's Name: Kenji
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