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 Kyuuzou vs Kira

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Uchiha Shoshi
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PostSubject: Kyuuzou vs Kira   Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:55 pm


  • Role-plays rules apply (no metagaming, godmodding, etc).
  • Winner is decided when one participant is unable to continue or forfeits.
  • Any complaints of role-play rules being breached can be reported to any member of staff and they'll look it over.
  • Staff can intervene at anytime, providing that there are cases of role-playing rules breaching.

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Tadashi Kira


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PostSubject: Re: Kyuuzou vs Kira   Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:14 am

Into the Grand Hall's Arena would come an enigma. This enigma was not known well for personality, nor appearance. In fact, even good friends still find him hard to define. This is Tadashi Kira, the Head Jonin of Umigakure. His mission today- to take out an anonymous enemy also to be located within the area. "Pathetic..." Kira thought, looking at the instructions as there wasn't much to report. As a man of his class/rank, he'd be surprised to be here. In fact, by the looks of things, this would surely be a tough opponent, or else the village would assign someone else to slaughter the enemy. Albeit, Kira didn't wish to be here, so he could only hope time would swing by fast. Examining the area before him, it'd seem as though Kira would already have a small advantage in this fight, being in a maze-like location. He was sure good at hiding things, anyways. All he could do now was wait for his opponent. Hopefully he would come, or else it'd be more than just the man's defeat that Kira would have to consider.
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Kyuuzou vs Kira
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