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 Stan Wargrave

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Wargrave Stan

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Village : Missing Nin
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PostSubject: Stan Wargrave   Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:24 pm

Wargrave Stan

"You wanna fucking go?"

basic information
Nicknames: 3D, Ace(By Mugen), Reddy(By his former teacher), The Red Devil(By mostly dead people)
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Blood Type: B+
Village: Donzokogakure Missing Nin
Village Rank: Missing Nin
Skill Rank: B
BDP: 60/60

physical information
Stan Wargrave is a fairly slim person, maybe a bit too thin, though it by no means reflects negatively on his prowess. He has no specific "always-wear" clothes, but he tends to go for bigger, more comfortable clothes, to give him more freedom of movement... he generally wears the first thing he finds on his bag.
His body is full of tattoos, including a large demon face on the back, four skulls on the neck, crosses on the fingers, the four card suits down his left arm, the nuclear symbol on his right shoulder and various tattoos on his right arm, including a royal flush in a severed demon hand, a joker card, a dragon, a tiger and a skull with an eye patch.

    Height: 6'1"/1,86m
    Weight: 159 lbs/72 kg
    Fist Width: 3~4"
    We weren't able to get other measures.

personality information
Wargrave Stan. How to describe him? Well, many people tried already. Descriptions vary between "madman", "murderer", "psychopath", "idiot", "crazy", "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU GODDAMN DEMON" and similar versions. Noisy, chaotic and violent are two(maybe three) words that can describe Stan adequately. A heavy smoker and a heavy drinker, He has problems with authority or basically anyone of superior social standing, only accepting orders from someone he really respects as a leader... let's just say he hasn't met this person until now, and it's unlikely for him to meet it. A rebel that considers himself "out of the system", working outside of the law to survive. Of course, some people might consider him lazy, after all why work when you can get money stealing or betting? Stan, yes, really likes luck-based games.
Wargrave's also greedy, having a need to have everything that was once denied to him. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong way to get those things, so they just denied him everything else. Not that he cared. Never thought about asking nicely. Never learned to be polite. Gets angry easily, often wanting to solve problems by fighting. Even though he's book dumb, he has a great memory, being able to remember details barely noticed by others. Generally, if you get his friendship, you'll have a great ally... just not a submissive one.

    Sexuality: Bissexual with straigth leanings.

    • Fights
    • Booze
    • Money
    • Cigarettes
    • His glasses
    • Strong opponents


    • Authority Figures
    • People that think they're better than him
    • Not being able to get what he wants
    • Complicated words
    • Math

    Catch phrase(s): "I'm feeling lucky."

    Nindo: All for the fight./For a place in the sun.

combat information
Clan: Wargrave
Ninja Specialization:

    Main: Taijutsu
    Sub: Ninjutsu

Elemental Specialization:

    Special: Houton(Radiation)
    Main: Raiton(Lightning)
    Sub: Katon(Fire)


  • Unstoppable: Stan, while not being exactly unstoppable, has an enviable determination. As such, his stamina is 30% better than average ninja his rank, allowing him to go on longer.
  • Speedster: Through years of both fighting and running, Stan developed remarkable speed. Due to that, he's 30% faster than other ninja on his level.


  • Dumb: Stan's not the brightest guy, and as such, he's 30% more susceptible to Genjutsu than his peeps.
  • Lazy student: He has a knack for elemental jutsus, yeah. But due to his lack of studying and training, his non-elemental ninjutsu is 30% weaker than most.

Fighting Style: Focused on brawling, improvising with anything on the area. Tables, chairs, signs, even walls or a lead pipe that might be laying around(SPECIALLY a lead pipe that might be laying around) can become effective weapons.

Using the template, list any equipment/weapons your character possesses.

Simple Equipment:

  • 3D Shades
  • Red Fist(Red fingerless glove on his right hand)
  • Blue Fist(Blue fingerless glove on his left hand)
  • 5 kunai


historical information
Wargrave Stan, born in Donzogakure, learned what it meant to "not have" things early. His parents barely cared about his existance, and the only relevance they had was in the loaf of bread that was waiting on the kitchen table some nights, but not all. In that situation, he grew up on the streets. Started fighting early, too. Got in frequent scuffles with other kids, and started picking pockets. And he never understood why all the people had those things and he didn't. He had to steal. People didn't like him. Wasn't he human, too? What wrong did he do?
When he was 4 years old, his parents disappeared. Maybe died, maybe got arrested for whatever reason, maybe just ran way. Not that it made a difference anyway, he barely talked to them. He even got used to being scolded oh so often by the local ninjas, but thankfully he was never caught doing anything too bad. And not too long past that he realized that he liked big fights, he needed money, being a ninja would take care of both.
He started drinking at home, when he was barely 7 years old. At first, of course, the taste was horrible. But it was cool. And it made him a fun kind of dizzy. He liked it. His smoking habit began when he was 9. Became a genin at 12 and was promptly put in a team.
Ah, his genin years. Major pain. Annoying missions. But he made a couple good friends. His buddy Mugen, the dragon to Stan's tiger, his complete opposite at the time: Wore mostly blue as opposed to Stan's red, never lost his temper, was smart and spiritual. But he wasn't opposed to good fun and would often join Stan in his dabbles in crime, booze and cigarettes. And so would their other squad member, Nene, the girl who would mediate between them or simply watch their many brawls over who would get the last bit of booze while she took the last swig for herself.
And their teacher, yes, their teacher. The original wearer of the 3D shades, according to him, "to help make the world a bit more colorful". Smoked more than his 3 students together, while he didn't accompany them to their not-so-legal parties, he was the one to tell them all about where they could get cheap cigarettes or easy drinks, and he was the one to give them all 3D glasses, for Stan's red, Mugen's blue, and why not, Nene's purple. Yeah, he was a great teacher. And they were a great team. It wasn't a surprise when they all passed the chuunin exam. What surprised the people, though, is when they all disappeared from the village shortly after that. Stan was 15 years old.
They continued on together for three more years, training and wandering as cityless ninjas. They did something wrong here and there, sure, but were never caught.
Until a certain point in Stan's 18th year. They decided to pull a big one then split, each one for a side. They'd meet again in a scheduled place in 5 years, on a marked hidden tunnel. The operation was risky, but ended up going smoothly and everything continued as expected. Stan went his way, continued his life on crime, and ended up making quite a name for himself.
But his downfall was that he couldn't wait the 5 years. So 3 months before the marked date, he went to check the place. And on that instant, he made himself completely vulnerable to the ninjas that were hunting him for quite some time now. They fought, he was captured and arrested.
3 months is a long time if spent in a hole like that. But he didn't spent just 3 months, no. He was in there for 3 damn years. And it would be longer if he hadn't snapped.
He wasn't the only one to want out. You never are. He made a deal with some other ninjas in there. There were some ninjas, gangsters or something. Big people. And they were going to get out. They needed muscle, so he was going to join them on the escape, and perhaps after he got out. Was a good place to go. Everything went smoothly, and when he was finally unsealed right there in his cell, he almost instantly opened up three chakra gates at once. He snapped, and in good time too. The rebellion was being contained, and at that rate all would have been for nothing. That was when he punched a hole in a wall and got the hell out of there, aided by the chaos that was formed. Nobody would notice and go after him when there were much bigger fish in there. And so he managed to escape, now 26 years old and ready to go back to his life. His first plan? Get a ship to Soragakure. He had to lay low, go as far away as possible.

miscellaneous information
Face Claim: ORIGINAL CHARACTER - Stan Wargrave as Himself
Other Characters:

  • ---


  • ---

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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: Stan Wargrave   Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:42 pm

Approved 1/2


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B: 1
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Rank-up points: 13

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Uchiha Shoshi
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Head Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Stan Wargrave   Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:27 pm

  • What is BDP?
  • Height is six foot what?
  • Your strengths for special characteristics out way your weaknesses. A physical characteristic is typically greater than a mental one..
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Wargrave Stan

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Village : Missing Nin
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PostSubject: Re: Stan Wargrave   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:02 am

Fixed. BDP is Body Deterioration Points, needed for the Eight Gates. THought I should add that, could remove though. Fixed strengths and height.(It was 6'0, but I added a bit.)
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Queen of the site
Queen of the site

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PostSubject: Re: Stan Wargrave   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:37 am



" The hearts of men, woman and children are all that matters and there deaths mean nothing to me at all."
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PostSubject: Re: Stan Wargrave   

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Stan Wargrave
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