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 Naruto: Shinobi Wars(Affiliate Request)

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PostSubject: Naruto: Shinobi Wars(Affiliate Request)   Naruto:  Shinobi Wars(Affiliate Request) EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 12:10 pm

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End of the 4th Shinobi War and the Beginning of the 5th Era

Last few decades ago, the shinobi world was in danger. Madara's Eye of the Moon plan was a success. The former nine tails Jinchuuriki, Naruto Uzumaki sacrificed his life to safe the whole shinobi world. The Kyuubi however got out before he died but was captured by Madara. Not long later, a mysterious bijuu was awaken, the ten tails Juubi. Everyone , every kage, every shinobi from the five great villages died in the war between the Akatsuki and them. It seemed that they failed to protect the whole world.

Madara's success was not long however. The minor villages came and joined forces against Madara. Few shinobi from other villages who are specialized in Fuuinjutsu were trying their best to destroy the Juubi or at least separate the Juubi's powers into 9 to make the previous bijuus.Kabutomaru was killed in battle which make the whole thing easier as there was no one could do the Edo Tensei. Madara was also killed in battle but the Juubi was still alive. Right at that moment, a powerful shinobi came and separated the Jubi's powers into 9 which makes the previous bijuu to reincarnated and running wild.

The Bijuu destroyed Konohagakure,Kirigakure,Kumogakure,Iwagakure and Sunagakure.Meaning all the five great villages were destroyed. But after that, the shinobi sealed the bijuu into other shinobi to prevent them from destroying the other villages. The minor village on the other hand are safe and sound. The Elders decided to make Amegakure, followed by Yukigakure,Kusagakure and Otogakure as the four great villages. Peace was not long as there were still missing ninja roaming around the shinobi world. As time passed by, they got stronger and stronger.

Now a new set of of enemy's have arose to end the world as we know it theyare called the order of chains they have a goal of sealing the bijuu into chains thta will connect to the moon they plan is to colide the moon with the earth but first they must fight to capture and seal all the bijuu if this means the 5th shinobi war the villages must prepare and be ready for anything.

Beginning of the 5th Era to Current Age

After the original Bijuu were sealed away by the 4 Great Shinobi Villages Kusagakure, Yukigakure, Amegakure, and Otogakure a group of shinobi from all four villages were assigned to make contact with the several smaller villages to inform them of the war ending. After several months of travelling they came across a set of lands that they had never seen before. Before they could venture very far into the lands they spotted a creature that resembled one of the Bijuu that they had sealed away years before. It was a huge Salamander that was attacking a village. The shinobi quickly moved to intervene and attempt to seal it away. Though they succeeded in driving the Salamander away they lost several of the shinobi and after a few days rest they all returned to their respective villages to inform their Kages of their findings.

Upon hearing the news, the Kages had a meeting and decided to not intervene with the unknown lands until more was known about them and the Bijuu that were there. So after the meeting was convened, they each sent a single member of ANBU to the unknown territories. They received regular updates from the ANBU until the updates suddenly stopped. Fearing the ANBU members were dead a Squad of ANBU were sent to investigate the missing ANBU. They too disappeared so the Kages decided to not send anymore shinobi to investigate and hope it would die down. Thirty years later a lone shinobi who had no memory of who is was showed up at the Takumi Village gates. The samurai who found him, sent word to the Kages of the villages to come and talk to the near dead Shinobi. After questioning the Shinobi they decided that all knowledge of the unknown lands would be hidden away from future generations.

The 5th Era and the Age of Shinobi Wars

With new Kages in each village the villages are at peace with each other. The tranquility, however, is soon disrupted by the appearance of a lone prophet who begins telling the people that the Moon will soon crash into the earth unless they were to do something about it and that Bijuu would begin roaming the lands again. He then declared that this was the beginning of the Age of the Shinobi Wars

[What will you obtain?]

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  • Fast and friendly by our staffs.
  • New friends

[What do you need to do]

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  • Register
  • Create your character and etc
  • Last but not least, ENJOY!
  • [*[A whole lot of Positions are Open

[What do we need]

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Naruto: Shinobi Wars(Affiliate Request)
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