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 Whac-A-Mole err Gopher!

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Sōichirō Xsalice


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PostSubject: Whac-A-Mole err Gopher!   Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:14 am


Watching the sun rise was an experience many villagers of Donozokogakure had not witnessed before simply because of the location of the village, but Xsalice had seen it rise on multiple occasions before he had come to this village. With permission to leave the village for a mission, Xsalice was no longer in the cave-setting which he had become accustomed to, but now he sat on the front step of the porch of his client's house. Light streaming from the sun as it came over the horizon would normally blind citizens of Donzoko, but due to the visor he wore Xsalice was able to take in the full beauty of an experience he had not witnessed in quite some time. "I realize . . . People, especially Shinobi . . . Take a lot of things for granted . . . This life we Shinobi live does not promise that we shall see the next day . . . If people stopped to enjoy the little things in life then maybe, just maybe, we would live in a better world . . ." A long sigh was released from Xsalice as he shook his head. He typically got lost in his thoughts, but never this to this degree at such an important time in his life.

This mission would mark the first overall mission that he would embark on as a Shinobi of Donzokogakure, thus it was a big deal that he put in his best work. The moment the door behind him opened, Xsalice stepped off the porch to face a middle-aged man that stood in the doorway with a smile on his face, presumably this was Farmer Tsuki the client. Xsalice flashed a toothy grin as he angled his body downward giving a respectful bow to his elder before rising up once more, "Sōichirō Xsalice, reporting in Sir". Farmer Tsuki chuckled and simply nodded his head, "Ya know son, I appreciate the bow, but on my farm everyone is family so no need for any of that here!" Xsalice could do nothing but smile as the two began to walk over to his rice paddy fields.

Once they had arrived at the rice paddy fields Farmer Tsuki bent down and examined his crops, instinctively Xsalice bent down also. "Damn Gophers! They're ruining my crops. Now how am I supposed to make payments for this month" By the tone in the farmer's voice and from what was observed by his body language, Xsalice could tell that this farm meant more to him than just a means of income, it was like his child.  He had "given birth" to it, watched it grow, and because of a few lousy gophers he would see it wither away into nothingness. Xsalice stood up and placed a hand on Farmer Tsuki's back, "Sir, have no worries I'll have your pest problem taken care of by noon. You can count on that!" Farmer Tsuki stood up with a smile, nodded and walked back to his house to allow Xsalice to fulfil his duties.

Xsalice stood with his arms folded across his chest. Fighting off ninja was one thing, but how was he supposed to get rid of a Gopher infestation? He bent down low once more and began to search through the fields, analyzing the holes that they had left behind. "Hmm . . . These creatures are probably a lot smarter than we give them credit for . . . I'm sure all of these holes are somehow connected to one another, but without a good water source I'm not going to be able to flood them . . . I'll have to think of something."

It had been an hour or so since Xsalice had first arrived and still he had not seen a Gopher, just more and more holes. He thought about sticking his arm down into the hole, but figured that might end bad for him. Then the possibility of just dropping a kunai with the Sōichirō Seal on it inside one of their holes was debated, but that would only cause more harm than good to the crops. What could he possibly do to help the poor farmer out?

Through the use of his peripheral vision Xsalice spotted a Gopher pop it's head out of the ground two rows away from his position. "I've got you now pest!" With the index and middle fingers of his right hand he touched the seal engraved onto the bottom side of his gloved left hand. Instantly, a small plume of smoke appeared while at the same time a kunai was grasped in his right hand. Xsalice kicked off of the softened soil and was propelled a little ways into the air so as to give him a better view of his target. As he swung his kunai equipped arm out the kunai was launched in a direct path of the Gopher before he landed on the ground once more. Xsalice smiled as it's death was ensured in his mind. Meanwhile, the little brown creature merely stared at the oncoming projectile before dipping back into the earth at the last second, the sound the kunai made as it hit the earth felt like a stone weighing on the young boy's heart.

The Gopher popped it's head back up out of the same hole and stuck it's tongue out before grabbing the kunai and taking it into down into the hole. Xsalice dropped down onto his knees, "Was I just outsmarted by a damn rodent!?!?!" With his blood now boiling, Xsalice placed both of his hands on the underside of the opposite gloved hand where a seal was located on each, a plume of smoke was released from each as he now grasped two kunai different from before. These were engraved with the Sōichirō Seal, but blowing the Gophers up were not his plan whatsoever.

Xsalice poured chakra into each seal before placing them one of the four into different locations across the field, he cleared off of the field and stood a few yards away.. "Let's see how you beasts like a little Seismic Activity!" His hands performed a single seal before the ground began to tremor from the shock-waves being released. In a matter of seconds, a single Gopher appeared from the ground trying to find an escape from the shock-waves then a dozen or so more started scrambling around, but because of the distance covered they were trapped. As the shaking came to a stop the Gophers were seen lying on their backs disoriented, thus Xsalice walked on over and picked them up by their tails.

There was a sort of pep in his step as Xsalice walked back with fourteen gophers in hand, Farmer Tsuki face lit up with joy and couldn't stop thanking Xsalice enough. After some parting words Xsalice began his trip back to the village with a sense of pride in himself for not only completing his first mission, but also helping some one in need.


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Whac-A-Mole err Gopher!
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