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 Wip Redstar

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PostSubject: Wip Redstar   Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:51 pm

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Jace "Redstar" Mochi

a typical catch phrase of your character here

basic information
Nicknames: --- Redstar
Gender: --- Male
Age: --- 16
Blood Type: ---
Village: --- Umigakure
Village Rank: --- Genin
Skill Rank: --- D


    Jace has blood red hair with dark brown skin, and his eyes are red. He wears wrist guards on both wrist, ninja pants, black socks, and a mask like kakashi's with a hood attached to it. Usually he doesn't wear a shirt, and has a moderate build, not a six pack but a four pack.
    Height: --- 5'9
    Weight: --- 183
    Shoes size of 13

personality information
Jace has a very short temper, but he really tries to control it. He is very lazy for the most part unless it is something that interest him then he puts forth all his effort. He's protective of his loved ones because of how few he has. Once he has something he hates to lose and he won't lose it, ever. He's shy but when you get to know him his very kind and friendly. He hates to lose at anything and is extremely competitive. He'll never run from any fight no matter who the opponent is, and doesn't care about anyone's fame. He loves animals, and sometimes treats them better than he treats humans. He doesn't really like to fight but when he does he goes all out, pushing his body to its limits, and sometimes beyond them.He does what he feels is the right decision and is very immature. He's very self dependent and doesn't like depending on others. He has very poor social skills, so when he gets a friend he cherishes them.Jace is a usually a level headed person, unless you bad mouth his friends. He absolutely respects every woman he encounters no matter how much that woman might disrespect him. Jace loves to train and fight but hates to kill, he often leaves his opponents alive after he defeats them. He is a big dreamer and does anything to achieve his dreams but if he does not care much for something he'll often use every excusses possible to get out of doing it.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    • --- Animals
    • --- Sleep
    • --- Power


    • --- Not bring recognized
    • --- His sleep being interrupted
    • --- Not being told the truth

combat information
Clan: --- N/A
Ninja Specialization:

    Main: --- Nintaijutsu
    Sub: ---

Elemental Specialization:

    Main: --- Water
    Sub: ---


  • --- A genius. +10% intelligence
  • --- Agile. +10% speed


  • --- Foolhardy. Will never run from a battle
  • --- Agile( bit used to being hit) taijutsu does 20% more damage

Fighting Style: --- N/A

Using the template, list any equipment/weapons your character possesses.

Simple Equipment:

  • --- 1 kunai
  • --- 2 paper bombs
  • --- 3 books


historical information
Character history goes here.
Jace was born and raised in by his mother. Jace was always taunted and teased for having red eyes while his mother and most of his clan has icy blue eyes. This he had learned to hate being different always wanting to change his eye color. That is until he was 9, most of his clan, including his mother, had gone to the wild to fight off some beasts that were poisoning our food source. The beasts proved to be to much for most of the clan because most did not come back. Jace's mother came back with a strange and unknown illness. She was taken into immediate care by the elders and medical ninja in the clan. Jace was alone for about a month, while the elders did what they could to help his mom, so he went into they wilderness one day.

While walking through it he noticed a house. He had never seen this house before , even though he had taken this path through the woods many times. He crouched behind a tree as he heard a twig snap. There were three men with annual masks on walking towards the house. Jace then got curious of what they were looking for. He then saw a hog a distance away from his position. He knew that hogs loves blueberries and had packed some in his bag as a snack, so he carefully threw the berries towards a bush by the Anbu men and sure enough the hog ran wildly towards the bush. The men jumped at the wild motion of the hog and attack it. Jace took this time to sneak into the house and "borrow" some things. He was looking through the house when snook into a room that was stained in blood. Red deep blood on everything, the walls, the bed, and the floor. Scared Jace run towards the window planing to jump out of it and flee, until he saw a body on the floor. It was a woman holding a baby, with bright red hair. The baby was died, or so Jace thought until it opened its eyes and started to open its mouth to cry. Jace quickly put his hand over the newborns mouth and noticed that the died woman was clutching a jewel in her hands, a ruby of some sort. Jace heard the front door open and he panicked and fled with the jewel and the baby. When he got back to his clan's hideout he took the baby to the star clan eldest wise man. He then took the baby from Jace, and told Jace to go see his mother. Jace inquired what would happen to the child and the elder said "We will take care of it boy!"  Jace hated being called a mere boy and didn't know the meaning of "take care of it" either but he just went to see his mother eager to make sure she was fine. He swiftly went over to his home were his mother was. He opened the door and wildly ran to his mothers room, but alas she was asleep, Jace hoped. He went to her side slowly and noticed a note on her nightstand. It read" Jace you will have to take care of her now, she is terrible ill but will live at the maximum of 10 years. The beast several poisoned her but she's a trooper and will fight until her last breath. The medicine she needs is in the flowers by the dinning room table. Sincerely Elder Toph."

Jace mother died 2 years later because they couldn't afford the treatment that she needed. Jace tried to raid the baby the best he could but in the end he choose to do what was best for it, and he put it up for adoption. Shortly after someone indeed did adopt it. Jace vowed to gain power to protected his loved ones, thus he joined the ninja academy and quickly became a Genin.

miscellaneous information
Face Claim: SERIES NAME - face claim name as Your Character Name
Other Characters:

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Password: ---

  • ---

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PostSubject: Re: Wip Redstar   Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:23 am

Done and ready for it to be looked over.
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Wip Redstar
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