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 I F@#*&^g Hate Cats!

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Sōichirō Xsalice


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PostSubject: I F@#*&^g Hate Cats!   Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:22 pm


As he jumped from one rooftop to another Xsalice's head swivelled around and around in search of a orange furred Balinese cat as part of his latest mission. During the briefing the client, a little old lady by the name of Ms. Ren, seemed very adamant about the return of her cat because it had "unique abilities". This was something Xsalice paid little to no attention to because he was upset at the fact that after all of the high ranking missions he had been assigned to before the Donkage had assigned him to a "D-ranked" mission. Yet, it was a mission and as part of the deal in his residency in Donzokogakure he was required to play an active part in their military system. After sometime Xsalice landed on a rooftop and plopped down, the heat from the sun became the cause for beads of sweat to form upon his brow.

"This is so stupid! I've fought off kidnappers, saved farms, and even rescued cave-in victims while putting up with the attitude of the women that have come through here . . . Plus I fucking hate cats!!!" There had been an increase in the amount of time Xsalice spent talking to himself now a days, this was probably due to the lack of activity that Donzokogakure had been having in the past couple of weeks. Xsalice dropped down from the roof and landed just on the outside of a tea shop, he pulled the shade back and sat at one of the stools at the end of the counter. The chef came over and took his order, "One Kukicha tea, cold please.", and left in order to prepare it. Xsalice wasn't alone at this tea shopped, a shady looking short person wearing a long brown trench coat, black boots, and a black fedora sat at the other end of the bar sipping some tea of his or her own. Xsalice thought nothing of it as he was served his tea and began to consume it.

The other person that occupied the tea shop got up from the stool and began to make his leave, but in the act, a ringed shaped object fell from underneath the cloak and rolled all the way over to where Xsalice sat. A look of confusion fell over Xsalice's face as his first thoughts toward the objects was that it was a collar, upon picking it up he realized that it was in fact a collar. More specifically, it bore the name "Gato con Botas" which was the name of his clients cat. Xsalice dropped down some Ryo that would cover his drink, grabbed the collar, and took off in pursuit of the cloaked figure. "Maybe this little person has stolen Ms. Ren's cat!"

Almost immediately, a chase between Xsalice and the fedora wearing person began. "Hey! You with the fedora!" Xsalice called out as he weaved in between the civilians on the streets. The fedora wearing person seemed quite nimble and easily manoeuvred through the people, while Xsalice occasionally bumped into them. Eventually he managed to chase the person into a dead-end alley. The fedora wearing person wheeled around and began to speak. "No saben nada de lo que estás haciendo! Me dejan ser o sentir la ira de Gato con Botas!" As he spoke a furry orange paw reached from the sleeves of the coat and removed in a single sweeping motion. This was the cat Xsalice had been assigned to capture?

"En guardia!" From the belt on his waistband the cat removed a rapier custom fitted to his height. At this point Xsalice was more confused than usual. A cat standing up right, speaking in some foreign language, and pointing a smallish sword at him. Yep, this definitely proved the strangeness that Donzokogakure held. "Look you crazy cat, your owner wants you back home and that's my mission. I don't fail missions so inevitably you are coming with me!" Xsalice slipped his left hand in the kunai holster strapped onto his left leg and withdrew a kunai, it spun on his index finger before being grasped firmly. The two stared each other down for a second before both charged at each other, the sound of their weapons clashing together echoed through out the alleyway as they began to do battle.


Thirty minutes or so later, Xsalice appeared on the doorstep of his client, Ms. Ren. She jumped back at the site of Xsalice. Several profound claw marks could be seen across his neck, the ones on his arms were worse, but he had pulled his sleeves down over them to cover them from view. With cat in hand along with the items he had on him Xsalice returned him to the woman and gave a bow. "You have one strange cat there lady, might want to get him checked out." An uncomfortable laugh escaped him as he tried to play off what he had said, Ms. Ren simply smiled back at him. "Oh don't worry, this is how he reacts when he's off his meds that's all" Once again he had completed another mission, although it wasn't his type it needed to be done. This was just the life of the young Sōichirō child.

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Hirano Arumi

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PostSubject: Re: I F@#*&^g Hate Cats!   Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:59 pm



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I F@#*&^g Hate Cats!
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